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Politics / Government

21 items found
Speaker Groningen  (NL) Speaker Michiel Vos
Golden tip

Speaker Michiel Vos

Speaker, economics / finance

America correspondent Michiel Vos takes you behind the scenes of American politics and economics. Michiel also likes to talk about the opportunities for you as a Dutch entrepreneur to do business in the USA.

from € 2.500,- from

Speaker Driebergen-rijsenburg  (NL) Trendwatcher Richard van Hooijdonk

Trendwatcher Richard van Hooijdonk

Speaker, future / trends

Trendwatcher Richard van Hooijdonk has already had the opportunity to give some 1900 lectures in 35 countries for large companies and organizations such as Interpol, Unilever and the European Commission. Meanwhile, Richard has already...

from € 4.950,- from

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) Benjamin Fro - Spoken word

Benjamin Fro - Spoken word

Speaker, human interest / behavior

Benjamin Fro is a philosophical rapper who, besides making catchy raps, can also speak very beautifully and grippingly. When Benjamin speaks, the audience is silent and the listeners are made to think. Benjamin gives all his listeners a...

€ 500,-

Speaker Den Haag  (NL) Willem Post, America expert

Willem Post, America expert

Speaker, politics / governement

A unique look into that so special land of Uncle Sam. A fascinating presentation about the race to the White House and the consequences for us in the Netherlands and Europe as well. Or any other America topic!

€ 2.500,-

Speaker Utrecht  (NL) Charles Groenhuijsen: Speaker

Charles Groenhuijsen: Speaker

Speaker, arts / culture

Charles Groenhuijsen is the author of several books on various subjects. As a speaker he discusses a wide range of client issues. Both economy / politics related topics as leadership, personal and business.

€ 3.000,-

Speaker Driebergen-rijsenburg  (NL) Richard van Hooijdonk: The government

Richard van Hooijdonk: The government

Speaker, politics / governement

How might governments function smarter, faster and more efficiently in a world where digital technology underpins decision-making and service delivery? Which technologies form the basis for the government of tomorrow? These questions are...

€ 4.950,-

Speaker Utrecht  (NL) Charles Groenhuijsen: America expert

Charles Groenhuijsen: America expert

Speaker, arts / culture

With his years of experience as an American correspondent, Charles Groenhuijsen can rightly call himself one of the leading experts on America in the Netherlands. In this lecture he will get you thinking about different themes and...

€ 3.000,-

Speaker Wassenaar  (NL) The Chinese Challenge - Rosemary Lamb

The Chinese Challenge - Rosemary Lamb

Speaker, future / trends

Discover the fascinating future of China in this lively lecture by Rosemary Lamb! What are China's opportunities, challenges and economic transformations? With valuable insights from expert analysis and personal experiences, you will...

€ 1.800,-

Speaker Leiden  (NL) Trendwatcher Speaker Keynote Lieke Lamb

Trendwatcher Speaker Keynote Lieke Lamb

Speaker, future / trends

LIEKE LAMB As an Innovation Ambassador and Trend Strategist, Lieke Lamb has been following technological, social and economic trends in the Netherlands and abroad for 20 years. She is one of the most sought-after trend watchers, both for...

€ 2.900,-

Speaker Amersfoort  (NL) Dictatorship and Freedom

Dictatorship and Freedom

Speaker, politics / governement

O.m n.a.v. my plubbed book 'Veiled Years' The /history of Iran/Persia, individual and general freedom, conservatism Dictatorship and Freedom: History and the Present

€ 600,-

Speaker Veenendaal  (NL) Lecture Frits Wester

Lecture Frits Wester


You probably know Frits Wester through his work as a political reporter for RTL News. He has been doing this since 1994. He can also be booked as a speaker for your event. Apply now on ShowBird!

from € 4.750,- from

Speaker Den Haag  (NL) Speaker Jaap de Hoop Scheffer

Speaker Jaap de Hoop Scheffer

Speaker, economics / finance

As former Secretary General of NATO, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer is one of the most booked speakers within the topic of geopolitics. Everything is about "investing in more balanced international relations," according to Jaap. Want to know more...

€ 2.000,-

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) Corona crisis; facts and fables

Corona crisis; facts and fables

Speaker, politics / governement

Based on data analysis and scientific studies, Maurice de Hond brings the facts about the many myths surrounding the Corona crisis.

€ 2.500,-

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) Government of Tomorrow: Adjiedj Bakas

Government of Tomorrow: Adjiedj Bakas

Speaker, politics / governement

What will tomorrow's government look like? What kind of government suits the Netherlands best? During the presentation about the Government of Tomorrow you will find out. Book now the speaker Adjiedj Bakas at ShowBird!

€ 3.995,-

Speaker Utrecht  (NL) Speaker and presentations Tom Staal

Speaker and presentations Tom Staal

Speaker, arts / culture

Tom Staal gives flashy presentations about politics, media, Utrecht, diabetes and everything that has to do with food.

€ 749,-

Speaker Antwerpen  (BE) Contemporary Belgium Harry van Hest

Contemporary Belgium Harry van Hest

Speaker, human interest / behavior

All about Belgium for foreigners! You'll learn "all of them" in one hour! Harry van Helst tells "everything" about Belgium in one hour! Tailor-made audience Harry will find his angle to captivate his audience!

€ 1.750,-

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