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Speaker Hilversum  (NL) Nicolaas Duin: 'Act like a Musician'

Nicolaas Duin: 'Act like a Musician'

Speaker, business / management

Musicians are social, creative and good listeners. They have discipline and perseverance. They can improvise when they have to and experiment when they can. They "play" rather than "work. All qualities that are also valuable in business....

€ 2.750,-

Speaker Harmelen  (NL) Musical lecture: rock 'n roll

Musical lecture: rock 'n roll

Speaker, arts / culture

Koen & Anton musically take you back to the 50s and 60s! They make it a great show in which they use anecdotes, videos, musical performances and a little bit of music theory to paint a time picture of the musical 50s/60s in the US and the...

€ 600,-

Speaker Hilversum  (NL) Nicolaas Duin The Art of Listening

Nicolaas Duin The Art of Listening

Speaker, business / management

Much sought-after "Musical Speaker" Nicolaas Duin has been on (international) stages as a freelance keyboard player for over 25 years. He translates the finest insights from music to the workplace in his keynote. Make your request via...

from € 2.750,- from

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) Benjamin Fro - Live wrap-up

Benjamin Fro - Live wrap-up

Speaker, arts / culture

Would you like to end your event in a special way? With a live wrap-up by Benjamin Fro, you're always in the right place! A wrap-up is a summary poem with spoken word and a touch of poetry. You want that too, don't you? Request Benjamin...

€ 1.950,-

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) Benjamin Fro - Customized Spoken Word

Benjamin Fro - Customized Spoken Word

Speaker, arts / culture

Are you looking for a good spoken word act? Then you've come to the right place with Benjamin Fro! He is a true language artist who brings his own view on society in a creative way. Apply now through ShowBird, and who knows, maybe Benjamin...

€ 2.500,-

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) Fernando Halman as speaker

Fernando Halman as speaker

Speaker, human interest / behavior

Fernando Halman has an infectious enthusiasm that makes him much in demand as a speaker for various events. He knows how to captivate his audience and get them involved in his story, making sure his message comes across in the right way....

from € 3.000,- from

Speaker Almere  (NL) Johan van Genechten (Prof. Dr. Verkade)

Johan van Genechten (Prof. Dr. Verkade)

Speaker, arts / culture

Johan van Genechten is as a communication professional a welcome guest as a speaker. With a healthy dose of humour and a beautiful singing voice, this is an ideal addition to your event to book at ShowBird!

€ 2.975,-

Speaker Huissen  (NL) The organization as an orchestra: Joep Everts

The organization as an orchestra: Joep Everts

Speaker, arts / culture

Step into the world of a classical orchestra. Actually get to work with a diverse and accessible set of percussion instruments and learn about tuning, solo playing, following and leading. What does a conductor do and how does he do it? A...

€ 743,-

Speaker Den Bosch  (NL) Speaker Jan-Willem van den Akker

Speaker Jan-Willem van den Akker

Speaker, marketing / sales

Jan-Willem van den Akker is an inspiring speaker in the field of online marketing. He can also speak engagingly about pop history, pop music history and social media,

€ 750,-

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) Masterclass Storytelling

Masterclass Storytelling

Speaker, marketing / sales

In the Masterclass Storytelling writer, speaker, musician and producer Rogier van Kralingen builds from the very first second on your story, your media content and your mindset as a storyteller by taking your step-by-step through the most...

€ 3.300,-

Speaker Markelo  (NL) Lecture Coen van Hoevelaak

Lecture Coen van Hoevelaak

Speaker, communication / media

Unique lecture on all facets of the music industry with many practical examples and 'behind the scenes' stories. There is also a direct link between the music industry and 'normal' business life.

€ 1.250,-

Speaker Rotterdam  (NL) Stacey Seedorf

Stacey Seedorf

Speaker, human interest / behavior

Through his world successes from the 90s with the group Twenty 4 Seven, Stacey Seedorf as a motivational speaker manages to captivate his audience. Through damage and shame he has become the speaker, mindset coach, and writer he is now and...

€ 1.415,-

Speaker Zemst  (BE) Musical Lecture: Parcours Gainsbourg

Musical Lecture: Parcours Gainsbourg

Speaker, arts / culture

In this musical lecture Rudolf Hecke talks passionately about his book Parcours Gainsbourg and takes you into French musical culture. A unique performance for your occasion!

€ 400,-

Speaker Culemborg  (NL) Durkey Jozefzoon Motivator

Durkey Jozefzoon Motivator


As a Motivator, I will take you on my personal journey, sharing my inspiring story and highlighting the power of positive thinking and resilience. I believe in the power of StoryTelling and know the importance of inspiring others with...

€ 600,-

Speaker Zemst  (BE) Musical lecture: The Sixties

Musical lecture: The Sixties

Speaker, arts / culture

In this musical lecture about the book The Sixties, Rudolf Hecke talks about his book with lots of music, sound fragments and stories. A trip down memory lane and a unique addition to your event!

€ 400,-

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) Lecture Storytelling

Lecture Storytelling

Speaker, marketing / sales

A poignant and humorous lecture by writer, speaker, musician and producer Rogier van Kralingen, in which the most important principles of Storytelling pass in a whirlwind of literature, film, brands, theatre and of course music.

€ 1.700,-

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