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Speaker Heusden-Zolder  (BE) Motivation Speaking: Jo De Rijck

Motivation Speaking: Jo De Rijck

Speaker, human interest / behavior

Let Jo help the members of your organization with his hypnosis and mentalism techniques. Ideal for training, teambuilding or company animation. Book Jo, because Jo stands for Growth!

€ 1.500,-

Speaker Kasterlee  (BE) More happiness: Truus Druyts

More happiness: Truus Druyts

Speaker, human interest / behavior

Why can't I feel what I want to feel? And how do I change that in a happy way - self? More You-Power in your life... it's time. This is your moment.

€ 1.450,-

Speaker Rotterdam  (NL) Hypnosis for TV, Social Media or Film

Hypnosis for TV, Social Media or Film

Speaker, human interest / behavior

Are you looking for a hypnotist, who knows what he is talking about? Then you have come to the right place with Menno Bandini! With this booking you are guaranteed a spectacular hypnosis demonstration and you will turn your content into...

€ 500,-

Speaker Almere  (NL) Masterclass Women To The Top

Masterclass Women To The Top

Speaker, human interest / behavior

Speaker: Monique Tenthof van Noorden Step out of your comfort zone and shake off your obstacles and pitfalls. Go for SUCCESS and give your self-confidence a mega boost and your dreams will come true. Throughout the program, hypnosis is...

€ 7.950,-

Speaker Nederland  (NL) Speaker Ramon Roelofs (Charly Lownoise)

Speaker Ramon Roelofs (Charly Lownoise)

Speaker, health / vitality

As a speaker, storyteller and inspiration, Ramon Roelofs takes you on a journey. He will tell you about special events and life-changing lessons.

from € 2.500,- from

Speaker Culemborg  (NL) Durkey Jozefzoon Motivator

Durkey Jozefzoon Motivator


As a Motivator, I will take you on my personal journey, sharing my inspiring story and highlighting the power of positive thinking and resilience. I believe in the power of StoryTelling and know the importance of inspiring others with...

€ 600,-

Speaker Hoofddorp  (NL) How to find your Voice of Leadership?

How to find your Voice of Leadership?

Speaker, arts / culture

Customized lectures, seminars, master classes and workshops by Irma Lohman Time and rates as requested!

€ 826,-

Speaker Almere  (NL) The Power Of Hypnosis

The Power Of Hypnosis

Speaker, human interest / behavior

Speaker: Monique Tenthof van Noorden If you do what you always do, nothing will change in your life. Unconscious obstacles and fixed patterns keep you from living the life you dream of. Through hypnosis you will become healthier,...

€ 499,-

Speaker 's Gravenhage  (NL) Business and Spirituality

Business and Spirituality

Speaker, health / vitality

Speaker Margreet van Veen: Spirituality enriches by bridging material ambitions and spiritual needs.

€ 2.500,-

Speaker Breda  (NL) Ayahuasca


Speaker, health / vitality

Speaker: Peter Gordijn. Ayahuasca is hot. Even CEOs and BN'ers are doing it. People call it, "The mother of all medicine," and "ten years of therapy in one day," and a "short cut to spiritual enlightenment." What exactly is Ayahuasca and...

€ 826,-

Trainer/Workshop Amsterdam  (NL) Sense! by: Majlis Schweitzer

Sense! by: Majlis Schweitzer

Trainer/Workshop, presenting

What makes you feel good about life and your work, and how do you make sure it is meaningful? You will gain insight into the difference between fulfillment and happiness so you can have the conversation about the three crucial aspects:...

€ 2.000,-

Speaker Velserbroek  (NL) Speaker Roald Tromp

Speaker Roald Tromp


The popularity of CBD is growing in the Netherlands, but has in fact been going on since 2016. In 2016, there was a run on CBD oil. In that year, for example, the herbal supplier Jacob Hooy became known for its CBD products. A company that...

€ 500,-

Speaker Hilversum  (NL) Inspirer/motivator Joris Janmaat

Inspirer/motivator Joris Janmaat

Speaker, health / vitality

Joris lost a man (95 kilograms) independently without help. He did it on his own. He tells about his own journey from A (gaining weight) to Z (self-solving). Motivates and inspires his target audience.

€ 350,-

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