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Speaker Soerendonk  (NL) The Börger

The Börger

Speaker, cabaret / humor

Has your employee, family member or friend once again not received a ribbon, but really deserved it? Then let "De Börger" perform a custom-made tribute.

€ 375,-

Speaker Heerhugowaard  (NL) Jannus-Infiltration Improvisation Mystery

Jannus-Infiltration Improvisation Mystery

Speaker, cabaret / humor

The party is in full swing; one of the guests is becoming more and more present. He becomes freer and freer in behavior and speech. Eventually the clue comes out - It is a hired actor.

€ 685,-

Speaker Heerhugowaard  (NL) The Diet Gurus - Stage Act with Movement

The Diet Gurus - Stage Act with Movement

Speaker, cabaret / humor

These 'healthy' men are a huge comic addition to your party! By letting your audience work out all their 'alcohol fat', this is a fantastic experience for your audience! Book them now on ShowBird!

€ 1.850,-

Speaker Soerendonk  (NL) Professional Substitute

Professional Substitute

Speaker, cabaret / humor

You thought you had everything well taken care of. But now someone calls off! Panic of course, because where are you going to get a comedian, cabaret performer, stand-up performer, show host, quiz master, chairman, speaker, teacher or...

€ 375,-

Speaker Heerhugowaard  (NL) Audience Warmers

Audience Warmers

Speaker, cabaret / humor

Prepare the audience for what is to come.

€ 1.050,-

Speaker Hoorn  (Noord Holland)(NL) Fakespeech: Otto Wijnen

Fakespeech: Otto Wijnen

Speaker, arts / culture

Otto's goal is to make your guests leave with more energy than they used to get in. With his fake speech about innovation, he knows how to surprise and captivate every MBO+ audience. As is customary with a fake speech, he starts with the...

€ 2.594,-

Speaker Almere  (NL) Johan van Genechten (Fake speech Prof)

Johan van Genechten (Fake speech Prof)

Speaker, cabaret / humor

Prof van der Polle provides an unforgettable experience with a comic speech. Ideal for any event that is looking for a refreshment from the formal business world! Book Prof van der Polle now at ShowBird!

€ 1.675,-

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