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Stress Management

24 items found
Speaker Dordrecht  (NL) Danny Makkelie

Danny Makkelie

Speaker, sports / performance

Discover the power of leadership and collaboration with Danny Makkelie, an expert in soccer arbitration. His engaging presentations offer in-depth insights into leadership, communication, decision-making and successful collaboration. Book...

from € 3.950,- from

Speaker Badhoevedorp  (NL) Intermittent Fasting your secret weapon

Intermittent Fasting your secret weapon

Speaker, health / vitality

Intermittent fasting provides a 100% increase in team performance, so it has mega scientific proven sustainable health benefits for individual "business potatoes" as well. Mabel van den Dungen developed and presented several television...

€ 2.000,-

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) "Healthy Long Life" with Jaap Jongbloed

"Healthy Long Life" with Jaap Jongbloed

Speaker, health / vitality

Who doesn't want to feel fit, healthy and energetic? And what does it take for a healthy long life? Jaap Jongbloed gives you answers!

€ 3.000,-

Speaker Bilthoven  (NL) Paul Janmaat: Haka

Paul Janmaat: Haka

Speaker, human interest / behavior

An active experience of team spirit and connectedness that lingers for a long time.

€ 1.153,-

Speaker Vlaardingen  (NL) Feike Cats: Enthusiastic colleagues

Feike Cats: Enthusiastic colleagues

Speaker, business / management

What delivers more? A satisfied or enthusiastic colleague? But how do you get that colleague enthusiastic. Get inspired!

€ 2.950,-

Speaker Nijmegen  (NL) Speaker Bart van den Berg

Speaker Bart van den Berg

Speaker, human interest / behavior

With the name BBARTT Bart van den Berg presents himself as a stuttering speaker. He himself is a successful example of his message: "turn your weakness into your strength!

€ 750,-

Speaker Hattem  (NL) Where are your limits? Diana Castrop

Where are your limits? Diana Castrop

Speaker, sports / performance

From 'the three peaks challenge' in Yorkshire to the 'Zuiderwaterlinie' in Brabant and from the 'Pen y Fan' in the Brecon Beacons to the 'Glacier de Saint Sorlin' in the Alps.

€ 850,-

Speaker Antwerpen  (BE) B.I.T.C.H IS A COMPLIMENT!


Speaker, human interest / behavior

By: Karin van Hoorick A funny, recognizable lecture for women (or men who want to get to know women better).During her BITCH lecture, it became totally clear how she senses people and knows exactly what is important for people's...

€ 1.499,-

Speaker Kasterlee  (BE) YOUPOWER Truus Druyts

YOUPOWER Truus Druyts

Speaker, human interest / behavior

How do you get strength out of yourself? And how do you turn that power into self-confidence and charisma? Truus Druyts helps your audience find answers to these questions! Make a quick request and book the lecture Youpower!

€ 1.250,-

Speaker Rijen  (NL) Kairos Experience

Kairos Experience

Speaker, health / vitality

In een tijd waar de (digitale) wereld hard door raast vol innovaties en ontwikkelingen is het tijd voor een digitale-detox een moment van ontspanning.

€ 2.450,-

Speaker Zoetermeer  (NL) D&I speaker | Healthcare Moderator

D&I speaker | Healthcare Moderator

Speaker, human interest / behavior

Fifteen years ago, his life suddenly takes a different turn. A few months after the phenomenon, as a 23-year-old, he is in sackcloth and ashes: 100% rejected by the UWV. The report says "no longer able to participate in society.

€ 1.500,-

Speaker Almere  (NL) The Power Of Hypnosis

The Power Of Hypnosis

Speaker, human interest / behavior

Speaker: Monique Tenthof van Noorden If you do what you always do, nothing will change in your life. Unconscious obstacles and fixed patterns keep you from living the life you dream of. Through hypnosis you will become healthier,...

€ 499,-

Speaker Kortgene  (NL) Bianca van Duyn, Passionele kunstspreker

Bianca van Duyn, Passionele kunstspreker

Speaker, arts / culture

De skills van portretkunstenares Bianca van Duyn (winnares Sterren op het doek, portret Arjen Robben) reiken niet alleen tot de kwast, maar ook tot het overbrengen van haar passionele verhaal waarin positief omgaan met tegenslagen leading...

€ 700,-

Speaker Rumst  (BE) Yves Verbeeck: Lecture

Yves Verbeeck: Lecture

Speaker, sports / performance

Have you ever experienced deep relaxation? Yves Verbeeck teaches you to integrate deep principles of relaxation into an accessible practice system. Learn to create by using your inner strength!

€ 400,-

Speaker Kasterlee  (BE) The Phoenix Program Truus Druyts

The Phoenix Program Truus Druyts

Speaker, human interest / behavior

Difficult times we all go through, the important thing is to get out, stronger than ever! Truus Druyts tells you how to rise from the ashes of your past like a phoenix! Make a quick request and book The Phoenix Program!

€ 1.250,-

Speaker Son  (NL) Calm your mind with breathing

Calm your mind with breathing

Speaker, human interest / behavior

Speaker: Sylvia Bruning An inspiring, interactive lecture about leadership, dealing with stress and daring to be yourself in an increasingly fast and hectic world. The story is authentic and recognizable, the insights enlightening and...

€ 997,-

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