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Speaker Zaandam  (NL) Happy Customers Don't Bite

Happy Customers Don't Bite

Speaker, marketing/communication

What is the shortest route to more customer focus, customer experience and customer satisfaction? What motivates your customers? What do they like and where is the pain? Using original perspectives from psychology, scientific research,...

€ 1.489,-

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) Masterclass Storytelling

Masterclass Storytelling

Speaker, marketing/communication

In the Masterclass Storytelling writer, speaker, musician and producer Rogier van Kralingen builds from the very first second on your story, your media content and your mindset as a storyteller by taking your step-by-step through the most...

€ 3.200,-

Speaker Lijnden  (NL) Keynote Theatrical Presentation

Keynote Theatrical Presentation

Speaker, marketing/communication

Whether it concerns giving a presentation for own staff, an explanation during a meeting, an elevator pitch or a speech during a major event. Last 24 years I have seen that there is a world to be won by speakers in public. After this...

€ 3.200,-

Speaker Zaandam  (NL) Bring Back That Loving Feeling

Bring Back That Loving Feeling

Speaker, marketing/communication

Do you want to be indispensable and irresistible to your customers? Do you want to work on indestructible customer relationships? Then listen to your customers with unconditional love. They will be happy to give you the answers you are...

€ 1.489,-

Speaker Ouderkerk aan de Amstel  (NL) Social Media Workshop 'professional, with impact

Social Media Workshop 'professional, with impact

Speaker, marketing/communication

Erik Jan Koedijk has been online since 1992 and stood at the foot of leading international projects. He is a visionary with an eye for detail and an inspiring trainer. Erik Jan gets his participants moving. Sales, marketing and...

€ 2.477,-

Speaker Ouderkerk aan de Amstel  (NL) Digital transformation and inspiration for everyone

Digital transformation and inspiration for everyone

Speaker, marketing/communication

Erik Jan sent telexes as a child. Thought up successful fax campaigns. Online since 1992. First webshop in 1994. Sold a lot of phones through Secondlife, launched international social media campaigns as early as 2005 and recently conceived...

€ 2.047,-

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Speaker, economics/politics

A digital nervous system of 1 trillion sensors provides a continuous flow of real-time data and thus many new insights. The global market for IT solutions will be worth around $7.2 trillion by 2020. Digitization turns the existing value...

€ 2.974,-

Speaker Nederhorst den Berg  (NL) Jan Heemskerk: Men vs. Women

Jan Heemskerk: Men vs. Women

Speaker, human interest/behavoir

Women have fascinated the writer and former editor-in-chief of Playboy, Jan Heemskerk, for life. In this interactive lecture, Jan discusses relationships and differences between men and women, and what one can learn from this, both...

€ 1.500,-

Speaker Abcoude  (NL) Bartho Braat

Bartho Braat


The famous actor Bartho Braat, who became known to the general public with his role as Jeff Alberts in Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden. To be booked as a speaker or presenter for presentations or corporate events.

€ 1.000,-

Speaker Ouderkerk aan de Amstel  (NL) Cyber Security in your organization belongs to everyone

Cyber Security in your organization belongs to everyone


With SurfControl Erik Jan introduced safe surfing within schools and organizations in 1999 and secured the largest companies in the world with NOKIA. His opinion: Cyber Security belongs to everyone! A passionate and inspiring story that...

€ 2.047,-

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) Sales & Company Culture

Sales & Company Culture

Speaker, marketing/communication

Passion for people, strategy, marketing, sales and the development of 'winning cultures'. Terry enthusiastically guides companies and organizations to the next phase of growth.

€ 1.861,-

Speaker Almere  (NL) Johan van Genechten (Prof. Dr. Verkade)

Johan van Genechten (Prof. Dr. Verkade)


Johan van Genechten is as a communication professional a welcome guest as a speaker. With a healthy dose of humour and a beautiful singing voice, this is an ideal addition to your event to book at ShowBird!

€ 2.680,-

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) Leveraging profitable Virtual Reality

Leveraging profitable Virtual Reality

Speaker, marketing/communication

We see the use of virtual reality possibilities coming back more and more often. Think of people with a trauma in hospitals, building buildings or furnishing offices and houses. But there are many more possibilities!

€ 901,-

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) Farm & Food

Farm & Food

Speaker, health/durability

What does the future of Farm & Food look like? Will we still be able to produce everything and will our food still be of good quality? During this presentation about Farm & Food you will find out! Book now the speaker Adjiedj Bakas at...

€ 3.599,-

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) The Future of Mobility

The Future of Mobility

Speaker, science

The ideas about mobility in the future are far out of one. Are we going to fly everywhere? Or are we going with self-propelled cars? Find out all about the future of mobility by booking Adjiedj Bakas at ShowBird!

€ 3.598,-

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) Headcare - Adjiedj Bakas

Headcare - Adjiedj Bakas

Speaker, health/durability

Depression, stress, poor sleep and all kinds of addictions cause all kinds of ailments. Headaches as Adjiedj Bakas calls them. During this presentation you will learn everything about Kopzorgen. Book now Adjiedj Bakas on ShowBird!

€ 3.598,-

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