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Band Zwolle  (NL) Jump 'N Jive
Golden tip

Jump 'N Jive

Band, jazz

An absolute top act. The band Jump'n Jive takes everyone back to the swinging forties; the time of it: generous 'zoot suits', Cab Calloway and Louis Jordan's 'Choo Choo Ch' Boogie', the clubs dominated! Go back in time with the best of...

€ 4.500,-

Band Nijmegen  (NL) CASH - The Tribute

CASH - The Tribute

Band, country

Take the movie 'Walk The Line' in mind, close your eyes and let yourself be embraced by the warm baritone voice of Johnny Cash and the powerful fusion with June Carter Cash. Once you walk out of the venue at the end of the show, you are...

€ 1.500,-

Dance group Den Haag  (NL) Fa Fa International Showdancers - Back in Time

Fa Fa International Showdancers - Back in Time

Dance group, rock/jive

From Baroque, to Charleston, Hippies and 50ties via Disco to modern times. A dazzling ballet with lots of style, class and beautiful costumes. Price depends on the number of dancers and for the fixed repertoire. Tailor-made...

from € 1.415,- from

Band Volendam  (NL) Mon Amour

Mon Amour

Band, tribute

The golden sound of BZN is back. The band Mon Amour brings the repertoire of Holland's most successful formation back where it belongs: in the halls. Led by Jack Veerman, the drummer of BZN and co-writer of the big hits, a new band was...

€ 7.500,-

Band Nederasselt  (NL) A Sentimental Journey (golden oldies) ♫♪

A Sentimental Journey (golden oldies) ♫♪

Band, coverband

'A Sentimental Journey': song programme for the elderly with music from 'their time'. Mainly from the fifties and sixties. Relive beautiful times and memories.

€ 250,-

Barrel organ Hazerswoude Rijndijk  (NL) Fairground organ Het Juffertje

Fairground organ Het Juffertje

Barrel organ

Music from a barrel organ, but in a different guise! Draaiorgel Het Juffertje plays not only the old cozy sing-alongs, but also the latest hits! The nicest organ of the Netherlands, known from Radio and TV! NOTE: Our rate is always...

€ 275,-

Singing group Haalderen  (NL) Singing Hairdressers: Swing the Mood

Singing Hairdressers: Swing the Mood

Singing group, pop/rock

After the success of their 'Rock Around The Clock' the Singing Kapsters now come up with a new musical variant 'Swing the Mood'. The same concept but with the repertoire, decor, clothing and hairstyles from the 40s.

€ 852,-

Dance group Voorburg  (NL) Disco dance!

Disco dance!

Dance group, showdans

Let's go back to the 80's with our fantastic disco dancers. Ideal for revival parties or just for fun. Join our dancers on the iconic hits of Saturday Night Fever.

€ 898,-

Drive-in show Barendrecht  (NL) Dance Classic show

Dance Classic show

Drive-in show, party

Make sure you relive the 70's and 80's together with friends, colleagues and acquaintances! Bring the Dance Classsic Show to your event now via ShowBird.

€ 855,-

Band Obdam  (NL) Marcia Bamberg Swing Trio

Marcia Bamberg Swing Trio

Band, jazz

Marcia Bamberg trio guarantees a swinging evening! Tasty gypsy swing music for every occasion!

€ 1.000,-

Band Wijchen  (NL) Cash the Tribute

Cash the Tribute

Band, tribute

Imagine a live performance of Johnny Cash!

€ 710,-

Barrel organ Den Haag  (NL) Dutch Barrel Organ

Dutch Barrel Organ

Barrel organ

With this beautiful Dutch barrel organ or Hand Crank organ a true Dutch party will be created at your event...! This Crank Organ can be booked for an extra charge with the much sought after Holland Display with 2 REUZE clogs (1 meter...!)...

€ 400,-

Sports/games Zwanenburg  (NL) Lingo with Bart Juwett

Lingo with Bart Juwett

Sports/games, quiz

Lingo one of the most popular TV games on the Dutch television channel. Every visitor to your event will become a fanatic of guessing words. Together with Bart Juwett they will search for the nicest words of the day's theme. Book Lingo...

€ 1.275,-

Band Obdam  (NL) Marcia Bamberg Swing Quartet

Marcia Bamberg Swing Quartet

Band, jazz

Gipsy swing music at the top! Great musicians with a great singer, what more could you want?

€ 1.250,-

Sports/games Oud Gastel  (NL) 80`s 90`s and 00`s Quiz

80`s 90`s and 00`s Quiz

Sports/games, quiz

We bring "old" times back to life with this primeval quiz with a high Ooo Yeah content. The swinging Quizmaster will present the quiz in style.

€ 375,-

Band Haarlem  (NL) Conserve Allstars

Conserve Allstars

Band, coverband

Conserve Allstars stands for the 'preservation' of good music in which creativity and fun are paramount, without obstacles or bells and whistles. A high quality performance where there is room for spontaneity. This gives us the opportunity...

€ 1.795,-

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