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Singer (male) Nieuwegein  (NL) Khalil


Singer (male), singer-songwriter

Providing live music for a wedding or wedding ceremony is my specialty. I can also be hired for other occasions. From christmas dinner to company party and from bachelor party to living room concert, I can provide every moment with live...

€ 1.000,-

Singer (female) Amsterdam  (NL) Sarah Isabel
Showbird's choice

Sarah Isabel

Singer (female), singer-songwriter

Pop music with a touch of French chansons - Winner Concours de la Chanson Française 2023. Sarah Isabel can be used on many occasions due to her diverse repertoire. Own work and covers, everything is possible! Are you getting married and...

€ 415,-

Singer (female) Amsterdam  (NL) Sarah Isabel (with guitarist)
Showbird's choice

Sarah Isabel (with guitarist)

Singer (female), singer-songwriter

Pop music with a touch of French chansons. Sarah Isabel, along with guitarist Raphaël van Helden, can be used on many occasions. Her repertoire ranges from English-language pop music to French chansons and has influences from cabaret and...

€ 815,-

Singer (male) Bennekom  (NL) Ryso Jochemsen
Showbird's choice

Ryso Jochemsen

Singer (male), singer-songwriter

I am a 27 year old singer and guitarist who plays both slow and up tempo songs. I mainly play at parties, get-togethers, weddings, living room concerts, festivals and birthdays. Length of performances are negotiable from 5 minutes to 4...

€ 185,-

Singer (male) Utrecht  (NL) Olaf Bosman
Showbird's choice

Olaf Bosman

Singer (male), singer-songwriter

I'm Olaf Bosman, a Singer-songwriter from Utrecht. The music I mainly play solo is contemporary folk/pop music. I like to touch people with my music and I like it when I can move other people with the songs I play.

€ 350,-

Singer (male) IJsselstein  (Utrecht)(NL) Andrew Reynolds
Showbird's choice

Andrew Reynolds

Singer (male), singer-songwriter

I'm Andrew Reynolds an Irish singer-songwriter from Drogheda, (near Dublin). I play in both foreground and background from a repertoire of many different artists.

€ 350,-

Singer (male) Leiden  (NL) Melle
Showbird's choice


Singer (male), singer-songwriter

I'm Melle, a 23-year-old singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Leiden. I try to capture the magic of music by bringing my music with as much passion and honesty as possible. I like to play the most beautiful, cheerful or...

€ 350,-

Singer (male) Hattem  (NL) Willem Gunneman Songmaker Troubadour

Willem Gunneman Songmaker Troubadour

Singer (male), singer-songwriter

Holland's most extraordinary songmaker, troubadour and singer. Mobile among the guests, as a warm welcome or around the grand piano. 100% Live and surprising. You and your guests determine the content on the spot. Just shout!

from € 575,- from

Singer (male) Berlicum  (Noord Brabant)(NL) Mile


Singer (male), singer-songwriter

As a singer Mile turned out to be an engaging vocalist, but at first he remains a technically developed guitarist. He provides an extra party at every event. Book Mile now via ShowBird!

€ 995,-

Singer (female) Amsterdam  (NL) Elaine Chopping Card

Elaine Chopping Card

Singer (female), singer-songwriter

Acoustic pop and singer-songwriter music. Elaine Hakkaart, 23, graduated from the conservatory and is busy every day with her greatest passion: music. Both own repertoire and beautiful covers of artists that are a great inspiration for...

€ 425,-

Singer (male) Wijchen  (NL) Tom Cherry

Tom Cherry

Singer (male), singer-songwriter

"A contemporary Johnny Cash, committed in covers from that time, own work as well as contemporary music in an old jacket. One really imagines oneself in Folsom Prison, or a bar in Texas when Tom Cherry sits in front of an audience with his...

€ 280,-

Singer (female) Amsterdam  (NL) Ismena


Singer (female), singer-songwriter

Ismena is a 24-year-old singer-songwriter living in Amsterdam. She writes dreamy, melancholy folk songs often dealing with love, the meaning of existence and the people around her. She draws inspiration from artists such as Big Thief, Emma...

€ 150,-

Singer (male) Vries  (NL) Harry Loco's support programme

Harry Loco's support programme

Singer (male), singer-songwriter

Note: limited availability. Harry Loco's support program is an international act. Especially for festivals or support programs a compact custom set. For bigger gigs: bring Woodstock to your festival. Extendable with backing band.

€ 500,-

Singer (male) Deventer  (NL) De Reisgenoot: living room concert

De Reisgenoot: living room concert

Singer (male), singer-songwriter

Travel Companion's living room concert is fun for a party, a special occasion or still as a cool gift. Live for the living room!

€ 250,-

Singer (male) Deventer  (NL) De Reisgenoot: Performance at an event

De Reisgenoot: Performance at an event

Singer (male), singer-songwriter

De Reisgenoot is a singer-songwriter who can create the atmosphere during an event or festival with his own songs and stories. From optimistic interludes to profound listening songs.

€ 350,-

Singer (male) Hilversum  (NL) Kyle Janssen Acoustic Live

Kyle Janssen Acoustic Live

Singer (male), singer-songwriter

The one-man band for your event!

€ 625,-


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