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Singer (male) Almere  (NL) A performance by Ali B

A performance by Ali B

Singer (male), rap/hiphop

The Moroccan rapper from Almere made his breakthrough in 2004 with his debut album Ali B Vertelt Het Leven Van De Straat. Hungry as he was, he didn't leave it at just music. He also started making a name for himself in the theatre halls...

from € 10.000,- from

Singer (male) Almere  (NL) A Tailor-made Rap by Ali B

A Tailor-made Rap by Ali B

Singer (male), rap/hiphop

Looking for a unique addition to your company party, birthday or other kind of event? Let Ali B write and perform a tailor made rap for you! A musical surprise for a special occasion. Book Ali B via Showbird . An exclusive rap made by a...

from € 15.000,- from

Singer (male) Almere  (NL) Boef


Singer (male), rap/hiphop

From rock-hard Boom Bap Rap to club bangers, rapper Boef manages to turn every event into a party! With hits like : Habiba, Sleeping Empire, Guap and Lauw he manages to get everyone in a party mood. Book Boef via Showbird !

from € 7.475,- from

Singer (male) Amsterdam  (NL) Joygill


Singer (male), rap/hiphop

Joygill DR is a very experienced artist from Amsterdam with Surinamese roots.

€ 1.000,-

Singer (male) Maarssen  (NL) David W.

David W.

Singer (male), rap/hiphop

This artist is originally a cover Artist. Gets a lot out of the audience and is busy finding the soul of the inexperienced people and turn the whole roof upside down! Enjoy the standard hits and is certainly not reluctant to just sing...

€ 990,-

Singer (male) Rotterdam  (NL) MC RizzzyRaw

MC RizzzyRaw

Singer (male), rap/hiphop

The best and the craziest mc putting on a really big show. Entertaining and entertaining is my thing. I make sure people have an unforgettable evening and even tell their grandchildren about it. Roof goes off that's guaranteed! Be an...

€ 450,-

Singer (male) Aalsmeer  (NL) Gilbert Themen

Gilbert Themen

Singer (male), rap/hiphop

Gilbert is an artist with a mission. As a member of the rap hit sensation from the nineties 'King Bee' he won the prestigious Edison award with this group. King Bee is known for hits like "Back by Dope Demand" and "Must Be The Music"....

€ 750,-

Singer (male) Mill  (NL) Tailor-made rap

Tailor-made rap

Singer (male), rap/hiphop

Always want a tailor made rap for a special occasion? Or for commercial purposes? The rappers of 4XM will help you make this wish come true. Book them via ShowBird !

€ 1.750,-

Singer (male) Uden  (NL) Yes-R


Singer (male), rap/hiphop

Yes-R is a rapper, entertainer, presenter and actor, at home! And he has experience with rapping since he was 16 years old so Yes-R knows how to make a party fun. Do you want Yes-R's fun at your party book him now!

€ 2.995,-

Singer (male) Uden  (NL) Long French

Long French

Singer (male), rap/hiphop

Book Long French via ShowBird! Dutch hiphop of the highest level at your event. The rapper turns every event into a big party! An evening with both old and new hits.

€ 3.995,-

Singer (male) Uden  (NL) Gers Par target

Gers Par target

Singer (male), rap/hiphop

Gers Pardoel became known in 2009 when he and The Opposites released the song Broodje Bakpao (Sandwich Bakpao). After the release of his debut album De wereld is van jou (The world is yours) in 2011, he became the most popular rapper in...

Price on request

Singer (male) Amsterdam  (NL) Bizzy Blaze

Bizzy Blaze

Singer (male), rap/hiphop

This talented Rotterdam rapper who finished second at SENA Grote Prijs van Rotterdam after many talent shows and festivals. Skills, talent and passionate, Bizzy Blaze is the ideal act for your event!

€ 471,-

Singer (male) Rotterdam  (NL) Kakes


Singer (male), rap/hiphop

You have the word with dietrich gefferie the manager of kakes a rising talent from rotterdam south Holland who is already a bit known there by his music and would like to continue that by doing a small tour and would like to raise his...

€ 250,-

Singer (male) Middelburg  (BE) Chav


Singer (male), rap/hiphop

Chav is a Middelburg rapper, born in 1996

€ 125,-

Singer (male) Velp  (Gelderland)(NL) MC Alex

MC Alex

Singer (male), rap/hiphop

Since 2010 I've been writing songs. I write about everything that comes my way. From love and family - to quarrel and friendship.

€ 100,-

Singer (male) Utrecht  (NL) MincePrins


Singer (male), rap/hiphop

MincePrins gives a 15min performance with 4 songs, possibility songs:

€ 100,-

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