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Speaker Soest  (NL) Speaker Wilfred Genee
Showbird's choice

Speaker Wilfred Genee

Speaker, sports / performance

Wilfred Genee has a lot of experience in the sports industry, but also in business. He therefore knows how to put down the story sharply, substantively and with humor.

€ 6.600,-

Presenter Bloemendaal  (NL) Chairman of the day Paul van Riessen
Golden tip

Chairman of the day Paul van Riessen

Presenter, event host

Paul van Riessen has been the editor-in-chief of Quote, the title for which he began working in 2004, since January 2021. Would you like this expert on business and entrepreneurship, business & management to lead your event as chairman of...

from € 2.500,- from

Presenter Amsterdam  (NL) Beppie Bijsient Presenter, Hostess

Beppie Bijsient Presenter, Hostess

Presenter, event host

Beppie Bijsient is a cozy Amsterdam lady with a fondness for panther prints, glitter and ultra high heels. As a presenter, Beppie can give your event a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere. As a hostess, Beppie will pamper all guests so that...

€ 500,-

Presenter Niel  (BE) Presenter Ilse De Vis

Presenter Ilse De Vis

Presenter, event host

Experienced, professional & fluent in three languages. Ilse is the multilingual presenter, moderator or interviewer who gives your event a professional atmosphere. Book Ilse for your event to leave an unforgettable impression.

€ 1.400,-

Presenter Hilversum  (NL) Hans Kazan as Chairman of the Day

Hans Kazan as Chairman of the Day

Presenter, event host

Juggling, Presenting, you name it, Hans Kazàn is a true breed artist with many talents. Book him now as the chairman of your event and have a magical day!

€ 2.350,-

Presenter Heerhugowaard  (NL) Presenter & Presentation

Presenter & Presentation

Presenter, event host

Let your event talk to each other in a loose way. With humour, content and improvisation. P&P have years of experience in playing audience. From now on bookable at Showbird.

€ 1.395,-

Presenter Amsterdam  (NL) Damla Kartal Day President/Presenter

Damla Kartal Day President/Presenter

Presenter, event host

Haar enthousiasme is aanstekelijk! Damla Kartal is te boeken als dagvoorzitter, presentatrice en spreker. Zij combineert haar ervaring in de media (TV/Radio/ Podcast) en het bedrijfsleven (Amazon/Wehkamp) om iedereen mee te krijgen. Met...

€ 1.500,-

Presenter Harderwijk  (NL) Jan Douwe Kroeske as chairman of the day

Jan Douwe Kroeske as chairman of the day

Presenter, event host

Jan Douwe Kroeske is a versatile chairman of the day who knows all about music, science, technology and sports.

from € 3.500,- from

Presenter Delden  (NL) Bas Nijhuis: presenter/daily chairman

Bas Nijhuis: presenter/daily chairman

Presenter, event host

Bas Nijhuis became known as a soccer referee. He is also an entrepreneur and can be booked as a presenter. As a presenter he focuses mainly on the world of business and his love for soccer. Want to book Bas as presenter or chairman? You...

from € 5.500,- from

Presenter Amsterdam  (NL) Nicole Plas Day Chairperson

Nicole Plas Day Chairperson

Presenter, event host

The chairperson of the day who does more than chair your day. From event design to closing drinks, I commit 100% to the mission and purpose of the event.

€ 2.400,-

Presenter Arnhem  (NL) Day chairman, moderator, presenter.

Day chairman, moderator, presenter.

Presenter, event host

Femke Vernij's enthusiasm and energy are contagious. As chairperson and presenter she knows how to use this energy to create a nice atmosphere, a smooth pace and fun throughout the day.Femke is very flexible, thinks along and loves to dive...

€ 750,-

Presenter Leersum  (NL) Presentator Gerard

Presentator Gerard

Presenter, event host

A presenter for many events to book, possibly with sound equipment Can already be booked for 1 hour With his experience Gerard is the presenter for your event successfully.

€ 499,-

Presenter Amsterdam  (NL) Frits Huffnagel: Presenter
Showbird's choice

Frits Huffnagel: Presenter

Presenter, event host

In addition to being a Citymarketing specialist, Frits Huffnagel is also experienced in conducting (political) campaigns. Advising, presenting and managing holds no secrets for him! Frits can therefore be booked as a speaker, columnist,...

from € 3.500,- from

Presenter Amsterdam  (NL) Danny Mekic as chairman of the day

Danny Mekic as chairman of the day

Presenter, event host

Day chairman Danny Mekic says he feels "like a fish out of water when something exciting happens at an event That is why he likes to be hired as chairman of the day. This is possible in both Dutch and English. Apply now!

from € 5.750,- from

Presenter Amsterdam  (NL) Stephanie Verstraten - Chairman of the Day

Stephanie Verstraten - Chairman of the Day

Presenter, event host

Her style as a chairperson for the day has been described as enthusiastic, sincere and accommodating. With a broad background in moderator and day chairing, she enjoys bringing her experience to her work, making every event a successful...

€ 500,-

Presenter Amsterdam  (NL) Chazia Mourali

Chazia Mourali

Presenter, event host

Chazia Mourali became known as a TV presenter through ''The Weakest Link.'' Chazia Mourali is a radio and television presenter, communications trainer and actress. She has also written a book, a play and several columns. As of now, she can...

from € 1.500,- from


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