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182 items found
Magician Wageningen  (NL) The Company Magician: On Stage

The Company Magician: On Stage

Magician, mentalist

Janse Heijn, magician, provides magical entertainment for company parties and corporate events. With three professional awards to his name, ten dexterous fingers and more than fifteen years of experience, he is fully equipped to provide...

€ 735,-

Magician Breda  (NL) V.I.P. magician & mentalist

V.I.P. magician & mentalist

Magician, table magic

The most exclusive magician & mentalist of the world can now be booked in the Netherlands! Mr. Stooker Is the most booked magician for exclusive private events in Europe. Over the past 25 years he has performed for a Millionaire and...

€ 1.950,-

Magician Breda  (NL) V.I.P. magician & mentalist stage act

V.I.P. magician & mentalist stage act

Magician, mentalist

The Gentleman of Magic, the Mentalist of Mystery. Choose the best for your event: Book professional international magician & mentalist Richard Stooker now! ***Central act / stage act***

€ 3.500,-

Magician Den Haag  (NL) Oriental magic / Table Magic

Oriental magic / Table Magic

Magician, table magic

If you give a reception, a dinner or a party, Aladdin's table magic is guaranteed to steal your guests' hearts.

€ 745,-

Magician Den Haag  (NL) Dutch Champion: Niek Takens - TABLE MAGIC

Dutch Champion: Niek Takens - TABLE MAGIC

Magician, table magic

Niek Takens is Dutch champion juggling 2017 and has won major international prizes at home and abroad. Niek is young and innovative and makes your event unforgettable

€ 471,-

Magician Zwanenburg  (NL) iMagic - Close up Magic in a modern jacket

iMagic - Close up Magic in a modern jacket

Magician, table magic

Magic goes with the times, too. Bart proves that with his iMagic. In a humorous way Bart juggles with his phone and iPad.

€ 995,-

Magician Veldhoven  (NL) Table magician Davinti

Table magician Davinti

Magician, table magic

The word says it all, Davinti comes to your guests' table. Magician Davinti will provide magical entertainment at your party! He is able to break the ice, connect people and entertain them with his magic. A lot of people know the magic of...

€ 395,-

Magician Molenbeersel  (BE) Illusion Show

Illusion Show

Magician, illusionist

Let yourself be enchanted by Illusionist Tim Slaats and his beautiful awesome Illusion Show that you must have seen. Tim will take you into the wonderful world of Magic so you will experience the most beautiful and spectacular illusion...

€ 1.499,-

Magician Haarlem  (NL) CasinoMagic


Magician, table magic

MAGIC ENTERTAINMENT with a theme: Casino! CasinoMagic: a real eye-catcher and very interactive during every event. For three or four hours we provide non-stop every 20 minutes a completely new show full of magic, surprising twists and...

€ 895,-

Magician Alkmaar  (NL) Magician & Mindreader Carim

Magician & Mindreader Carim

Magician, illusionist

Walking around among your guests magician Karim shows the most bizarre magical miracles a few centimeters away from the audience! This professional magician will make your party unforgettable!

€ 1.995,-

Magician Wageningen  (NL) Table Magician! Prize Winning Magic!

Table Magician! Prize Winning Magic!


Small and large miracles at the table for you and your guests? Award-winning magical effects combined with years of experience ensure that your guests are continuously entertained,

€ 750,-

Magician Haarlem  (NL) TOP GOOCHELAAR Steve Carlin (Running Around)

TOP GOOCHELAAR Steve Carlin (Running Around)

Magician, table magic

At the table juggling, Steve walks around and creates conviviality and amazement among your guests at the table and in the room. Steve Carlin is one of the most booked table magicians in the Netherlands! Because of his positive energy and...

€ 1.995,-

Magician Den Helder  (NL) Close Up Magician Magical Rob

Close Up Magician Magical Rob

Magician, table magic

Entertainment for your party or event? A performance by Rob is mixed with magic, interaction and humour.

€ 300,-

Magician Rosmeer  (BE) Character - Magic at the table

Character - Magic at the table

Magician, table magic

This is where our crazy table magician Close-up will perform magic to your guests. He will immerse your guests in the world of card magic.

€ 200,-

Magician Essen  (BE) Phone Hacker The Charming Thief

Phone Hacker The Charming Thief

Magician, table magic

Sitting on your phone at a party isn't very pleasant. But with The Charming Thief, the phone can become a great tool for a great evening! Surprise yourself and your audience with the craziest phone hacks from The Charming Thief and apply...

€ 950,-

Magician Den Haag  (NL) Niek & Guy

Niek & Guy

Magician, table magic

What is better than one magician? Two magicians! Niek Takens & Guyllaume Wibowo join forces and together they form a strong and comical duo that passes the tables and entertains your guests with magic and comedy.

€ 750,-


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