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Band Volendam  (NL) 3JS


Band, pop/rock

The Volendam top band of Jan Dulles, Jaap Kwakman and Jan de Witte play the tiles from the roof in a set with beautiful songs of their own! A folk-pop sound based on acoustic instruments in the Dutch language.

€ 6.995,-

Band Rotterdam  (NL) Ben Littlewood Band

Ben Littlewood Band

Band, pop/rock

The Ben Littlewood Band mixes original interpretations of well-known pop & rock songs with Ben's own songs in a pleasant and relaxed acoustic atmosphere.

€ 908,-

Band Haarlem  (NL) Jip & Daym

Jip & Daym

Band, pop/rock

Jip & Daym, two spontaneous young gentlemen, with only one goal: to provide a live performance that perfectly matches your wishes.

€ 400,-

Band Leuven  (BE) Pretzel And The Cookies

Pretzel And The Cookies

Band, pop/rock

This cool gang of musicians has been proving themselves on the Flemish stages for 5 years with their super amusing and dazzling rock and roll show, old music brought by young guys.

€ 950,-

Band Elst  (Gelderland)(NL) William Smulders & Lieke Grey Online

William Smulders & Lieke Grey Online

Band, pop/rock
online performance

Het getalenteerde duo William & Lieke geven nu ook online optredens! Heerlijk gitaarspel aangevuld met zang staan centraal bij het tweetal. Het perfecte concert voor waar jij maar wilt!

€ 200,-

Band Amsterdam  (NL) MOOV


Band, pop/rock

We are MOOV, a singer and a guitarist, both professionally trained and with a very diverse musical program.

€ 475,-

Band Haarlem  (NL) Greenfield


Band, pop/rock

Greenfield is an acoustic pop trio consisting of three professional musicians from the Haarlem Conservatory. Besides self-written songs, they play covers and guilty pleasures in a totally unique way.

€ 750,-

Band Rotterdam  (NL) Diona Fox & her Ragdolls

Diona Fox & her Ragdolls

Band, jazz

An energetic Popjazz formation from Rotterdam. Tight in suit, classy dressed with live shows even stronger than your double espresso on Monday morning!

€ 800,-

Band Volendam  (NL) George Baker with band. (Tilt)

George Baker with band. (Tilt)

Band, pop/rock

George Baker's music continues to appeal to the imagination: for example, his hits are used in popular films or commercials, or other artists record a song as a cover.

€ 6.750,-

Band Nijmegen  (NL) Moon About

Moon About

Band, pop/rock

Acoustic trio Moon About plays English pop with double bass, guitar and percussion. A completely mobile band that fits everywhere.

€ 1.094,-

Band Volendam  (NL) Mon Amour

Mon Amour

Band, tribute

The golden sound of BZN is back. The band Mon Amour brings the repertoire of Holland's most successful formation back where it belongs: in the halls. Led by Jack Veerman, the drummer of BZN and co-writer of the big hits, a new band was...

€ 7.500,-

Band Den Haag  (NL) Coverband Ziggy Stardust Experience

Coverband Ziggy Stardust Experience

Band, pop/rock

Coverband party band and DJ in 1 concept for your birthday, wedding, company party or anywhere where a good band is desired. Music from the 70's to the present day Come and see the band live on a Wednesday night in The Hague. The coffee...

€ 844,-

Band Harderwijk  (NL) The Fennies

The Fennies

Band, pop/rock

Daan and Stefan are both singers and guitarists as heart friends. Within the Rock 'n' Roll genre they are like a fish in the proverbial water, but for a jazz classic here and there they don't turn a blind eye. They've been living on each...

€ 300,-

Band Castricum  (NL) Close to Fire

Close to Fire

Band, pop/rock

Started out as an acoustic duo, now a four-piece band from the province of Noord-Holland. The band makes cheerful pop music with a unique polyphony and catchy songs in an accessible style.

€ 650,-

Band Haarlem  (NL) Melle + tyre

Melle + tyre

Band, pop/rock

When Melle starts to tell his story, everything becomes clear. The way he knows how to translate the elusive magic of music into his songs can make you look at life in a different way. Recurring themes in his music are love and the loss of...

€ 850,-

Band Amsterdam  (NL) MOOV


Band, pop/rock
online performance

MOOV, a very popular duo at Showbird, provides special online performances. An online drink or event? MOOV gives a beautiful and passionate performance for your online audience. Book this online performance for a special online Christmas...

€ 250,-

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