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Bands Utrecht

205 items found
Band Utrecht  (NL) Step the Gap XL - Disco Partyband

Step the Gap XL - Disco Partyband

Band, party

The XL version of Step the Gap with extra horns and percussion! Cooler than Kool & the Gang. More glorious than Gloria Gaynor. Chicer than Chic. Hotter than Donna Summer. They turn any occasion into a Disco Inferno. They get more...

€ 2.995,-

Band Utrecht  (NL) Step the Gap - Disco Party Band

Step the Gap - Disco Party Band

Band, party

Cooler than Kool & the Gang. More glorious than Gloria Gaynor. Chicer than Chic. Hotter than Donna Summer. They turn every opportunity into a Disco Inferno. They get more respect than Aretha Franklin asked for.

€ 2.495,-

Band Utrecht  (NL) Acoustics


Band, coverband

Acoustic pop music for each by this new act here on Showbird. Special introduction price of this new act. Book them now!

€ 775,-

Band Utrecht  (NL) The Streetbeat Empire

The Streetbeat Empire

Band, brass/dixie

The Streetbeat Empire will rob you of your fear of dancing! With their wickedly sharp acoustic sound, you will be tossed and turned between the four winds! With their drums, sousaphone, guitar, percussion, melodica, saxophone and...

€ 1.800,-

Band Driebergen-rijsenburg  (NL) BombaNaranja ★★★★ Accordion・Contrabass・Vocals

BombaNaranja ★★★★ Accordion・Contrabass・Vocals

Band, coverband

¡BombaNaranja plays covers in 5 languages, pop, current hits with a new look, and songs from the old days, unamplified or amplified from 10 to 240 minutes

€ 495,-

Band Nieuwegein  (NL) Chris Alain (Acoustic & Band)

Chris Alain (Acoustic & Band)

Band, coverband

Chris Alain (Acoustic) plays in this formation acoustic in a duo occasion. Lead singer Chris (known from The Voice Of Holland) takes a musician with him at each performance, with which he will sing known songs for you acoustically! Chris...

€ 900,-

Band Utrecht  (NL) Duo Fingerstyle

Duo Fingerstyle


Duo Fingerstyle is an acoustic guitar duo consisting of guitarists Lex Horst and Menno Zimmer. The repertoire includes vintage jazz, gypsy swing, jazzy pop and jazzy blues.

€ 599,-

Band Utrecht  (NL) REAL GOLD! music

REAL GOLD! music

Band, coverband

Welcome to REAL GOLD! music! Are you getting married soon or do you have something else to celebrate? We, Christien and ArendJan, would love to come and play with you!

€ 400,-

Band Utrecht  (NL) Gypsy Verband

Gypsy Verband

Band, other

Gypsy Verband consists of three young, talented but above all passionate musicians, who love Django Reinhardt's Gypsy Jazz style, but also Bossa Nova, Flamenco and other musical styles.

€ 750,-

Band Driebergen-rijsenburg  (NL) Baragan ★ Pop/Folk (band)

Baragan ★ Pop/Folk (band)

Band, party

Summer travel music with accordion, trumpet, ukulele, double bass, percussion/drums and lots of vocals! After success as a trio (search for Baragan on this site), Baragan now plays more and more as a band! So nice and danceable with drums...

€ 1.245,-

Band Harmelen  (NL) Jan & Koen

Jan & Koen

Band, coverband

Fancy an afternoon or evening of (semi-) acoustic covers? With percussion, guitar and (two-part) vocals we perform classics from the fifties, sixties and seventies!

€ 350,-

Band Utrecht  (NL) Harmonic Christmas

Harmonic Christmas

Band, jazz

The most beautiful Christmas songs, full of atmosphere and recognition in a compact setting Standard as a duo (voice & piano or voice & guitar), expandable to a trio or quartet with double bass and drums.

€ 950,-

Band Utrecht  (NL) Wouter Poot & Thailo

Wouter Poot & Thailo

Band, jazz

Swinging gypsy jazz with excursions to more modern jazz and bossa nova and classical music. This duo can easily be extended with double bass and drums.

€ 519,-

Band Utrecht  (NL) Tim Kerssies Jazz Accordionist

Tim Kerssies Jazz Accordionist

Band, jazz

Tim Kerssies stands for an acoustic and honest sound. Jazz with influences from folk music running from the Netherlands via the Mediterranean Sea to South America. The romantic sound of the accordion with an accompaniment that balances...

€ 600,-

Band Culemborg  (NL) Trio Pont Neuf

Trio Pont Neuf

Band, jazz

With the French gypsy jazz trio Pont Neuf you will imagine yourself in the Paris of yesteryear.

€ 649,-

Band Lexmond  (NL) Maria's Hot Rods

Maria's Hot Rods

Band, party

Swinging beats & Rock'n Roll, we play the modern jukebox. This band has the looks of the charming 50's. This band makes their audience swing on hits from then and now in a retro jacket. Easy in the background or Hippe Eye-catcher?

€ 2.150,-


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