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DJ IJsselstein  (Utrecht)(NL) DJ DUCKO


DJ, allround

DJ DUCKO plays at birthday parties, weddings, anniversary parties and festivals.

€ 255,-

DJ Culemborg  (NL) DJ Rick Snel

DJ Rick Snel

DJ, allround

The best, recognizable and danceable music for your wedding, birthday and event. As a DJ I'm used to spinning for a wide audience in terms of age and musical taste. For me, recognizability and danceability are paramount, adapted to your...

€ 475,-

DJ IJsselstein  (Utrecht)(NL) DJ DUCKO


DJ, allround
online performance

DJ DUCKO plays live streaming at birthday parties, weddings, anniversary parties and festivals. Focus on fun & dancing, always responding to atmosphere, with dance guarantee! All-round; strong in atmosphere building and dance parties.

€ 95,-

DJ Utrecht  (NL) The Big Fluff

The Big Fluff

DJ, house

With melodic disco and house music every party and festival is lifted to a higher level and smiles and appropriate dance steps appear among the audience.

€ 60,-

DJ Soest  (NL) Duke Zilla

Duke Zilla

DJ, allround

Duke Zilla is music producer, photographer and DJ Robert Repko, warming heart and head with a beautiful vinyl collection

€ 200,-

DJ Culemborg  (NL) We Love 70s 80s 90s

We Love 70s 80s 90s

DJ, allround

WE LOVE 70s 80s 90s has been a successful concept of DJ Rick Snel in collaboration with various DJs for several years now. We take you to the time of the walkmans, glitter balls, Furby's and roller skates.

€ 950,-

VJ Utrecht  (NL) VJ Eva Verhoef

VJ Eva Verhoef


Eva Verhoef has been working on graphic design for a number of years now. Mainly live mixing, 3D projections and motion graphics are her specialty.

€ 283,-

DJ Maarssen  (NL) MaRTeN


DJ, house

My name is MaRTeN. And because of my enthusiasm I get every room moving.

€ 80,-

DJ Utrecht  (NL) Driving DJs

Driving DJs

DJ, allround

Weddings, company parties, birthdays and other celebrations, that's Driving DJ's specialty! An act that adapts to your party, instead of the other way around.

€ 425,-

DJ Utrecht  (NL) Drums & Beats

Drums & Beats

DJ, allround

The drums of the percussionist and the beats of the DJ... These guys play perfectly with each other and make it a splashing party!

€ 695,-

VJ Utrecht  (NL) VJ Nienke Mink

VJ Nienke Mink


Girls just wanna have fun. The ultimate party VJ known from the famous PANN parties in Utrecht, but also Supperclub Amsterdam.

€ 283,-

DJ Utrecht  (NL) Manutes


DJ, house

I have been DJing for well over 6 years both in Australia and the Netherlands

€ 50,-

DJ Houten  (NL) Vinyl Parade

Vinyl Parade

DJ, retro/jazz

With a free choice by the audience from over 2000 vinyl singles, there is something for everyone. Well-known and unknown artists who have entrusted their musical skills to black vinyl.

€ 310,-

DJ Utrecht  (NL) B. BRYAN


DJ, allround

I play many kinds of music like Dancehall / Shuffle / Deep House / Techno

€ 300,-

DJ Utrecht  (NL) Carlos Costas

Carlos Costas

DJ, allround

Carlos Leeseman, also known as Carlos Costas was born in Utrecht.

€ 250,-

DJ Soest  (NL) NorthMax


DJ, allround

"With DJ NorthMax behind the turntable, you're guaranteed an unforgettable evening."

€ 175,-

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