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Trainer/Workshop Ter Aar  (NL) Workshop Business Flirting

Workshop Business Flirting

Trainer/Workshop, presenting

Angelique van 't Riet is the most requested speaker for business when it comes to Business Flirting. She has introduced business flirting in the Netherlands and several bestsellers to her name about business flirting such as The 10...

€ 1.733,-

Trainer/Workshop Utrecht  (NL) Workshop Etiquette

Workshop Etiquette

Trainer/Workshop, presenting

After this workshop the participants know exactly 'how it's supposed to be'. During the Workshop Etiquette you will get acquainted with the rules of modern etiquette in a fun way. Difficult? No, because etiquette has everything to do with...

€ 219,-

Trainer/Workshop Ter Aar  (NL) Workshop Soft Skills in Hospitality

Workshop Soft Skills in Hospitality

Trainer/Workshop, presenting

Angelique van 't Riet, founder of Business Flirting and most requested speaker on the subject, has developed an interactive lecture and workshop on Soft Skills for professionals. Just like almost 15 years ago when she introduced business...

€ 1.734,-

Trainer/Workshop Antwerpen  (BE) Karin van Hoorick:Senior trainer/coach

Karin van Hoorick:Senior trainer/coach

Trainer/Workshop, presenting

Does your company and employees need a boost? Is productivity not what it used to be? That happens everywhere and can be remedied by the right coaching. Karin van Hoorick has years of experience in training and coaching and can help your...

€ 1.699,-

Trainer/Workshop Brugge  (BE) Good manners at work

Good manners at work

Trainer/Workshop, presenting

How do you keep your professional relationships healthy? Dealing with clients digitally, both personally and in person, is dealt with in detail. Ideal as a personal reflection moment for young starters and also the seasoned entrepreneur!

€ 650,-

Trainer/Workshop Antwerpen  (BE) Make a difference as a Speaker!

Make a difference as a Speaker!

Trainer/Workshop, presenting

TED talks... one person doing his presentation. But what is the power of a good presentation? What do you have to watch out for? Clothes, body language, humor? Score better with your audience after this lecture by Harry van Helst!

€ 2.000,-

Trainer/Workshop Amsterdam  (NL) Building bridges to the future

Building bridges to the future

Trainer/Workshop, presenting

During this workshop you will work as a team to build a bridge. So not only do you have to work well together as a team, but there is also a lot of creativity involved. Do you as a team make the best bridge? Book now the workshop Building...

€ 1.081,-

Trainer/Workshop Amsterdam  (NL) The Power of the Voice

The Power of the Voice

Trainer/Workshop, presenting

The Power of the Voice brings out the passion in every speaker. We learn in 1 day to make the effectiveness of each presentation optimal and to stand on 4 powerful cornerstones that will help you to remain authentic, to be clear and to be

€ 1.489,-

Trainer/Workshop Amsterdam  (NL) Workshop Presenting

Workshop Presenting

Trainer/Workshop, presenting

Do you want to be able to stand in front of a large group without fear? Do you want to be able to speak with a lot of charisma? Do you want to continue to present yourself in a fascinating way? Then this workshop is for you! This workshop...

€ 357,-

Trainer/Workshop Delft  (NL) Trade in Stardust

Trade in Stardust

Trainer/Workshop, presenting

The interactive trading game Interplanetary Abundance exposes participants in a customer day, staff or network meeting to a disruptive but realistic future scenario of our solar system. Through Virtual Reality (VR) elements and real stock...

€ 1.250,-

Trainer/Workshop Rotterdam  (NL) Write/Rap Workshop: Kay Slice

Write/Rap Workshop: Kay Slice

Trainer/Workshop, presenting

Kay alias Kay Slice is a.o. MC of the Dordtse Rotterdam hiphop formation Brandwerk. He himself describes his strong drive and ideas as: POA (Positive Transmittable Disorder). Thinking in terms of opportunities instead of obstacles and...

€ 250,-

Trainer/Workshop Amsterdam  (NL)

"Multitasking is a myth

Trainer/Workshop, presenting

During 'Multitasking is a myth' is told in an inimitable way how inefficient multitasking is. Through various exercises the participants learn an approach in which you spend less time, makes fewer mistakes and will experience less...

€ 1.132,-

Trainer/Workshop Niel  (BE) Private master class Learning to Present

Private master class Learning to Present

Trainer/Workshop, presenting

Do you suffer from mediocre presentations or do you know someone who can use a workshop presentation? Then book Ilse and Mariska from Talk to me for this instructive workshop and take your audience into your presentation!

€ 695,-

Trainer/Workshop Antwerpen  (BE) Passion Pyramids

Passion Pyramids

Trainer/Workshop, presenting

What's your PASSION? This is a guide to "jobsatisfaction". Introduce your audience to the "Passion Pyramid". Let everyone go home with a "passport" to their future choice of study or profession!

€ 1.750,-

Trainer/Workshop Mill  (NL) Workshop Ghosts Word Poetry

Workshop Ghosts Word Poetry

Trainer/Workshop, presenting

The artists of 4XM train you to be a real word artist! With the Workshop Spoken Word Poetry they will teach you how to write lyrics and recite them for a group.

€ 375,-

Trainer/Workshop Breda  (NL) Team development

Team development

Trainer/Workshop, presenting

You want to be a team: - to know better what everyone's talent and strength is? - make better use of the team's potential and diversity? - improve difficult cooperation? - change the team's strength; for example, become more creative...

€ 2.469,-

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