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Trainer/Workshop Utrecht  (NL) Forest golf

Forest golf

Trainer/Workshop, sports

Forest golf is a fun and surprising variation on ordinary golf where fun, team work and competition go hand in hand. Enjoy the healthy outdoor air and the forest itself in a playful way!

€ 300,-

Trainer/Workshop Utrecht  (NL) Workshop Fencing

Workshop Fencing

Trainer/Workshop, sports

Formerly an important activity of the nobility, now a great and fun way to practice this exciting sport with your team, in the context of e.g. teambuilding. This ancient, noble sport has been translated into a workshop that requires...

€ 290,-

Trainer/Workshop Purmerend  (NL) Capoeira Workshop

Capoeira Workshop

Trainer/Workshop, sports

Learning a Brazilian sport with a workshop is ideal for your party. With an energetic and enthusiastic teacher you will get to know the sport within 1 workshop. A sporting experience that is perfect for all ages! Also book now on ShowBird!

from € 425,- from

Trainer/Workshop Haarlem  (NL) Gambling Workshop

Gambling Workshop

Trainer/Workshop, sports

During this workshop the various forms of gambling will be discussed. Louis Baerts really lets you experience the glitter and glamour of Las Vegas. Book the Gambling Workshop on ShowBird now!

€ 360,-

Trainer/Workshop Emmen  (NL) Highland Games

Highland Games

Trainer/Workshop, sports

Surpass your rival clans with games like hammer-slinging, tug-of-war, javelin throwing, brick lifting and much more! The Highland games have been modified so that it can be played by virtually anyone!

€ 225,-

Trainer/Workshop Apeldoorn  (NL) Workshop juggling

Workshop juggling

Trainer/Workshop, sports

The juggling workshop is an active intermezzo that breaks the ice and brings people closer together. Provided by former Dutch juggling champion Huub Cooijmans.

€ 600,-

Trainer/Workshop Veenendaal  (NL) soccer freestyle workshop

soccer freestyle workshop

Trainer/Workshop, sports

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€ 250,-

Trainer/Workshop Utrecht  (NL) Workshop Shit Shooting

Workshop Shit Shooting

Trainer/Workshop, sports

The klootschieten workshop can be used to greatly improve the atmosphere within a team of acquaintances, friends or colleagues. Do you need a nice outing? Then look no further and book the Klootschieten workshop now via ShowBird!

€ 300,-

Trainer/Workshop Tremelo  (BE) Stuntstep Workshop

Stuntstep Workshop

Trainer/Workshop, sports

With this workshop you will learn how to do cool tricks on a scooter. You'll go over obstacles and follow a fun course. Would you like to be active and learn cool tricks on a scooter? Then book now the stunt scooter workshop with sporty...

€ 450,-

Trainer/Workshop Tremelo  (BE) Longboard Workshop

Longboard Workshop

Trainer/Workshop, sports

Longboarding resembles skateboarding, only here the wheels are bigger. Do you want to learn how to do tricks with big wheels on a longboard or just learn how to longboard at all? Then book this workshop with your friends via ShowBird.

€ 450,-

Trainer/Workshop Mill  (NL) Movie Fighting Workshop

Movie Fighting Workshop

Trainer/Workshop, sports

Have you always been curious about how people fight behind the scenes in films? The guys from 4XM show it to you with their Movie Fighting Workshop. In this workshop they will teach you how to mimic battle scenes from your favourite movies!

€ 375,-

Trainer/Workshop Mill  (NL) BMX workshop

BMX workshop

Trainer/Workshop, sports

A tough workshop, learning how to use BMX. Enjoy moving around on your bike and practicing various tricks. Super fun for schools or children's parties.

€ 575,-

Trainer/Workshop Culemborg  (NL) Brazilian Power workshop

Brazilian Power workshop

Trainer/Workshop, sports

In this workshop we take you into a mix of Brazilian martial arts (Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu/Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Capoeira). Brazilian power aims to increase resilience! Book this act now via ShowBird!

€ 175,-

Trainer/Workshop Rotterdam  (NL) Self-defense Specialist

Self-defense Specialist

Trainer/Workshop, sports

We organize for you a cozy and instructive clinic in self-defense. Together with making a program that catches on!

€ 225,-

Trainer/Workshop Roermond  (NL) Aerial Silks workshop

Aerial Silks workshop

Trainer/Workshop, sports

Looking for a sporty, fun and challenging outing with a group of friends, colleagues or for a party? Have you always wanted to show art in the air as you see in programs like holland's got talent? This is your chance! A workshop aerial...

€ 600,-

Trainer/Workshop Tiel  (NL) Gert Jakobs Cycling Experience

Gert Jakobs Cycling Experience

Trainer/Workshop, sports

Experience together with Gert Jakobs a complete day with a presentation and then a bicycle/mountain bike tour. Complete with trailer, team leader and mechanic. Feel like a real cyclist!

€ 2.750,-

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