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Stunt shows

48 items found
Stunt show Spijkenisse  (NL) Grinder Act

Grinder Act

Stunt show, fire show

This act will never forget your audience. An artist who plays guitar with a sharpening tool and this makes for an unforgettable experience! Book this guitarist with a grindstone and huge fire show now on ShowBird!

€ 350,-

Stunt show Arnhem  (NL) Ladies of Brimstone - Duece

Ladies of Brimstone - Duece

Stunt show, fire show

The Ladies of Brimstone is a sensual fire act based on the story of two rich ladies who were bored and decided to set people's hearts on fire.

€ 1.050,-

Stunt show Rotterdam  (NL) Samurai Fire Martial Arts

Samurai Fire Martial Arts

Stunt show, fire show

The fire warrior is a specialist in martial arts with the addition that he uses fire for his arts in addition to weapons. Like the soldiers of the Fire Nation in Avatar, he can perform with flaming swords and spit fire.

€ 750,-

Stunt show Wageningen  (NL) Fire breather & Stuntman Tim Horsting
Showbird's choice

Fire breather & Stuntman Tim Horsting

Stunt show, fire show

Metre-high flames,

€ 450,-

Stunt show Breda  (NL) Fire show StageHeat || Show & SpecialFX

Fire show StageHeat || Show & SpecialFX

Stunt show, fire show

Experience the fire show Enlightment! Now in production, our new fire show Enlightment. Full of amazing acrobatic tricks, beautiful choreography and atmospheric music. An experience that your guests will watch with admiration and...

€ 917,-

Stunt show Arnhem  (NL) Fire breather - Duece

Fire breather - Duece

Stunt show, fire show

Big flames, a blistering spectacle and the music adapted to the occasion. No Guts, No Glory! With flames of between 3 and 6 metres, this is a huge success at any party.

€ 700,-

Stunt show Arnhem  (NL) Fire Artist - Duece

Fire Artist - Duece

Stunt show, fire show

Fiery dancers and flaming gentlemen each with their own skill and tool possible in different styles. Do you have your own theme? Let us know and we will adapt the outfits to it.

€ 600,-

Stunt show Hoofddorp  (NL) Fire breather & fire breathing

Fire breather & fire breathing

Stunt show, fire show

Audiences will boo, dance, sing to the beat of the music with fiery dances where fire spitting is interspersed with fiery acts, fire stunts and fire flow.

€ 250,-

Stunt show Sint Willebrord  (NL) Satyra | Lady of Fire | Fire spitter
Showbird's choice

Satyra | Lady of Fire | Fire spitter

Stunt show, fire show

Looking for a fire breather? Then look no further! (Indicated price with this act is per 1 artist.)

€ 449,-

Stunt show Breda  (NL) StageHeat | Volo Fuoccos - Fiery Flight

StageHeat | Volo Fuoccos - Fiery Flight

Stunt show, fire show

StageHeat presents one and unforgettable experience in the form of a breathtaking fire show "Phoenix Fire"! This impressive show will keep you on the edge of your seat. With advanced show techniques, brilliant music and stunning...

€ 4.100,-

Stunt show Breda  (NL) StageHeat | Arctic Blaze | Fire & Ice

StageHeat | Arctic Blaze | Fire & Ice

Stunt show, fire show

Experience the fire and ice experience of StageHeat's new show Arctic Blaze This new production will send chills down your spine with a fusion of cool performers with hot tricks. This mesmerizing production is bursting with breathtaking...

€ 10.500,-

Stunt show Sint Willebrord  (NL) Satyra | Duo Fire Spewing

Satyra | Duo Fire Spewing

Stunt show, fire show

With our duo of Fire Breathers (or more), we will take your event to spirited heights!

€ 899,-

Stunt show Heerhugowaard  (NL) Fire show by Magic Story

Fire show by Magic Story

Stunt show, fire show

The Fire Show of Magic Story. Is unique. With the craziest firestunts and humor he turns everything upside down. Whether it's juggling 3 burning torches or fire-breathing nothing Martin is crazy. The fire show fits perfectly on every party...

€ 390,-

Stunt show Enschede  (NL) ECO fireworks

ECO fireworks

Stunt show, fire show

A spectacular fireworks show but without the harmful substances for the environment! The ECO fireworks show makes it possible. Book now the ECO fireworks show on ShowBird!

€ 2.500,-

Stunt show Hoofddorp  (NL) Unique fire show!

Unique fire show!

Stunt show, fire show

Wonder, amazement and especially humor alternate quickly in a fiery fire show. Seven spectacular acts alternate every 3 to 4 minutes with the mix of fire spitting, fire flow and fire stunts supported by music, light and smoke.

€ 3.666,-

Stunt show Arnhem  (NL) Fire show - Duece 3 p.

Fire show - Duece 3 p.

Stunt show, fire show

If fire is the holy book then our shows are faith. We believe (seemingly) sacred that we set everyone's heart on fire. We can provide fire shows for both indoor and outdoor venues. A better idea of the possibilities? Check out our...

€ 1.850,-


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