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Stunt show Arnhem  (NL) Fire breather

Fire breather

Stunt show, fire show

Big flames, a blistering spectacle and the music adapted to the occasion. No Guts, No Glory! With flames of between 3 and 6 metres, this is a huge success at any party.

€ 500,-

Stunt show Arnhem  (NL) Fire artist

Fire artist

Stunt show, fire show

Fiery dancers and flaming gentlemen each with their own skill and tool possible in different styles. Do you have your own theme? Let us know and we will adapt the outfits to it.

€ 400,-

Stunt show Dussen  (NL) BMX day program workshops and shows

BMX day program workshops and shows

Stunt show, bmx

Spectacular and interactive BMX shows with the possibility to BMX yourself on the mobile BMX parkours? The complete BMX experience for young and old! Including: Full day program with BMX demonstrations and continuous in-between...

€ 1.500,-

Stunt show Heemstede  (NL) Street Dive Stunt Show

Street Dive Stunt Show

Stunt show

High dive come from the film industry and are used for stunts of buildings, so called 'highfalls'. A stunt not without risks!

€ 2.950,-

Stunt show Leeuwarden  (NL) Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers

Stunt show, fire show

Circus Saranti has been a household name in Friesland for 60 years. This fire breather from Circus Saranti can spit on stilts at, for example, an opening or an event. This act is most beautiful in the evening!

€ 250,-

Stunt show 's Gravenwezel  (BE) Flambéed or be Bubbled

Flambéed or be Bubbled

Stunt show, fire show

A versatile bacon live show for daytime or even cooler... night. Book Geflambeerd or be Bubbled for a magical day or night for your audience not to forget!

€ 800,-

Stunt show Amsterdam  (NL) Luciano: Freerun show

Luciano: Freerun show

Stunt show

Under the guidance of the best experts, Luciano Balestra trains every day to push the human limits. The result is a wide range of impressive and unique skills. 2021 should be the year in which Luciano crowns himself freerunning world...

€ 549,-

Stunt show Hapert  (NL) Free Jump Stuntshow

Free Jump Stuntshow

Stunt show

A real stunt show for kids! This spectacular attraction lets the children float through the air and then land safely on an air cushion. Guaranteed fun!

€ 949,-

Stunt show Geluwe  (BE) BMX Flatland show (Belgian Champion)

BMX Flatland show (Belgian Champion)

Stunt show, bmx

The coolest and toughest tricks on a BMX bike are those of Barre. A show that will blow you away can now be booked on ShowBird for your party or event!

€ 550,-

Stunt show Geluwe  (BE) BMX Flat/Street Show | Barre Neirynck

BMX Flat/Street Show | Barre Neirynck

Stunt show, bmx

BMX biker Barre Neirynck can now book you to put on an awesome show at your party or event. He will blow you and your guests away with his cool stunts on the BMX bike.

€ 901,-

Stunt show Berghem  (NL) Miss Nagine with fakir and belly dance show

Miss Nagine with fakir and belly dance show

Stunt show, fire show

Spectacular show with the elements bellydance, fire(spitting), glass walking/jumping hoses. In this 20 minute act the audience will be actively involved and will participate in fire bites bellydancing and holding a snake.

€ 475,-

Stunt show Kortrijk  (BE) Flyboard watershow

Flyboard watershow

Stunt show

Usable at events, festivals or openings you can't imagine. This water show steals everyone's attention. Book this eye-catcher for both day and night with a spectacular light show!

€ 950,-

Stunt show Rotterdam  (NL) La Negra Fire show with dancers

La Negra Fire show with dancers

Stunt show, fire show

For a spectacle together with our band. Our fire breather gives a breathtaking show, which everyone will enjoy!

€ 1.100,-

Stunt show Uithoorn  (NL) Freerunning


Stunt show

We offer the most spectacular custom freerun shows. From somersaults over people to big jumps of heights, everything for the best show!

€ 1.273,-

Stunt show Heemstede  (NL) Acapulco Water Show

Acapulco Water Show

Stunt show

This high dive show shows unadulterated, breathtaking stunts from a 30 meter tower and diving boards.

€ 7.934,-

Stunt show 's Gravenwezel  (BE) Small & Heavy Size Fire Spectacle

Small & Heavy Size Fire Spectacle

Stunt show, fire show

A fire show full of fire, interaction and fun! You can now book this versatile act for your party or event at ShowBird!

€ 800,-

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