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Speaker Nootdorp  (NL) Formula Female by Ria Visser

Formula Female by Ria Visser

Speaker, sports / performance

This inspiring presentation by Olympic speed skater Ria Visser is like Yoga for your Mind. Unravel the mystery behind the female brain and discover how you can function and perform optimally.

€ 650,-

Speaker Nederland  (NL) Speaker Pauline de Wilde

Speaker Pauline de Wilde

Speaker, economics / finance

Pauline de Wilde is an experienced speaker and host of business events. Her strength is that she perfectly combines her economic background (business economics UvA) with her personal flair. This always gives the event, conference or...

from € 3.750,- from

Speaker Kasterlee  (BE) More happiness: Truus Druyts

More happiness: Truus Druyts

Speaker, human interest / behavior

Why can't I feel what I want to feel? And how do I change that in a happy way - self? More You-Power in your life... it's time. This is your moment.

€ 1.450,-

Speaker Antwerpen  (BE) B.I.T.C.H IS A COMPLIMENT!


Speaker, human interest / behavior

By: Karin van Hoorick A funny, recognizable lecture for women (or men who want to get to know women better).During her BITCH lecture, it became totally clear how she senses people and knows exactly what is important for people's...

€ 1.499,-

Speaker Almere  (NL) Masterclass Women To The Top

Masterclass Women To The Top

Speaker, human interest / behavior

Speaker: Monique Tenthof van Noorden Step out of your comfort zone and shake off your obstacles and pitfalls. Go for SUCCESS and give your self-confidence a mega boost and your dreams will come true. Throughout the program, hypnosis is...

€ 7.950,-

Speaker Eindhoven  (NL) Maaike de Reuver, WE CANTEEN

Maaike de Reuver, WE CANTEEN

Speaker, business / management

Maaike de Reuver acts as moderator, panelist or chairman during events, meetings or brainstorming sessions in the field of food and drink. Declared 'Women to Watch', Maaike makes the difference between an average event and an event that...

€ 826,-

Speaker Antwerpen  (BE) When God created men she was kidding

When God created men she was kidding

Speaker, human interest / behavior

By: Harry van Hest Mars and Venus. Who is right and where do we clash? How are we doing in your organization? Perfectly suited to optimize the relationship between men and women in a corporate context!

€ 1.750,-

Speaker Amersfoort  (NL) Bernhard Jens

Bernhard Jens

Speaker, human interest / behavior

Bernhard Jens: "Lying is forbidden" Police spokesperson Bernhard Jens distinguishes himself by his open attitude, understandable language and his authentic way of working, which stems from his passion for open and transparent...

€ 2.476,-

Speaker Amersfoort  (NL) Shohreh Feshtali- Dictatorship and Freedom

Shohreh Feshtali- Dictatorship and Freedom

Speaker, politics / governement

O.m n.a.v. my plubbed book 'Veiled Years' The /history of Iran/Persia, individual and general freedom, conservatism Dictatorship and Freedom: History and the Present

€ 600,-

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