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When God created men she was kidding

Speaker , Human interest / Behavior
The performer is residing in Antwerpen

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When God created men she was kidding
When God created men she was kidding
When God created men she was kidding

By: Harry van Hest
Mars and Venus. Who is right and where do we clash? How are we doing in your organization? Perfectly suited to optimize the relationship between men and women in a corporate context!

It would be much better in many companies if there were more women in management
So how come they regularly struggle with this equality at management level?

To know how to break through that 'glass ceiling' that blocks so many women from making careers in companies, we first need to know how it all grew (evolution) what influenced us (history), how we are (biology) and above all how we may or may not have done it right in the past!

Because are men and women really that different from each other? You know the Mars and Venus story? And if so, why haven't we learned to find a solution through all these centuries? Or should it be that we attract and repel each other? Are we really Ying and Yang, both different and yet a two-unity?

Harry lights up a whole suit of veils like that and you? You reap what appeals to you! And it really doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman, because we're probably both right!

Harry has his own vision of life and (meanwhile) 'women' have conquered their rightful place in it. In his own relationships he never went over the ice of one night. He's naughty but loyal, ironic but sincere and anyway, he knows what he's talking about

He doesn't believe in the macho culture, but knows it belongs to humanity (with emphasis on the last syllable?)
He believes in equivalence but also in the uniqueness and the possibilities that lie within it. He is a man in all his facets but time after time he is told that he has a lot of 'femininity' in him. It's up to you to decide that!

Perfect for optimising the relationship between men and women in a company context, but also an ideal speech to let off steam as ladies, compared to men (and vice versa)
Therefore ideal for companies, associations and organisations that dare to program this tricky point.



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The artist is residing in Antwerpen

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€ 1.750,-

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