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Band Den Haag  (NL) FEELINGS XL band
Golden tip


Band, coverband

The band Feelings has been known for years as one of the most fun and cozy party band in the Netherlands! This band has an international hit repertoire and mastered many musical styles excellent! So chances are they already know your...

€ 2.895,-

Band Haarlem  (NL) Jip & Daym

Jip & Daym

Band, pop/rock

Jip & Daym, two spontaneous young gentlemen, with only one goal: to provide a live performance perfectly suited to your needs.

€ 700,-

Band Nijmegen  (NL) Moon About

Moon About

Band, pop/rock

Acoustic trio Moon About plays English pop with double bass, guitar and percussion. A completely mobile band that fits everywhere.

€ 1.330,-

Band Den Haag  (NL) Coverband Ziggy Stardust Experience

Coverband Ziggy Stardust Experience

Band, pop/rock

Cover band party band for your birthday, wedding, corporate party or anywhere a good band is desired. Music from the 70's to the present Come and see the band live on a Wednesday evening in The Hague. Coffee is ready!

€ 550,-

Band Leuven  (BE) Pretzel And The Cookies

Pretzel And The Cookies

Band, pop/rock

This cool gang of musicians has been proving themselves on the Flemish stages for 5 years with their super amusing and dazzling rock and roll show, old music brought by young guys.

€ 950,-

Band IJmuiden  (NL) Greenfield


Band, pop/rock

Greenfield is an acoustic pop trio consisting of three professional musicians from the Haarlem Conservatory. Besides self-written songs, they play covers and guilty pleasures in a totally unique way.

€ 918,-

Band Haarlem  (NL) MOOV


Band, pop/rock

We are MOOV, a singer and a guitarist, both professionally trained and with a very diverse musical program.

€ 650,-

Band Den Haag  (NL) VierMatenVooraf


Band, pop/rock

When we perform, we want people to remember. It's buzzing, it's quiet, it's brewing, it's rubbing and it's flowing. There is connection and interaction between stage and audience.

€ 1.295,-

Band Gouda  (NL) Big Deal

Big Deal

Band, pop/rock

The Big Deal consists of five experienced musicians: a drummer/singer, bassist/singer, guitarist, keyboardist and a singer/guitarist. It is also possible to book Big Deal with one or more horns.

€ 872,-

Band Amsterdam  (NL) Geert & Aeneas

Geert & Aeneas

Band, pop/rock

After starting his kleinkunstopleiding in Amsterdam in 2016, he released his first album "The Circle" in 2019. Geert performs his own songs and covers work by musical friends, including Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen and Damien Rice. He also...

€ 455,-

Band Nijmegen  (NL) Fire & Flame

Fire & Flame

Band, pop/rock

Vuur & Vlam is a mobile acoustic trio with a singer and 2 singers with a repertoire of English and Dutch pop music.

€ 1.330,-

Band Castricum  (NL) Close to Fire

Close to Fire

Band, pop/rock

Four extremely enthusiastic, musical, happy twenty-somethings from North Holland. The band makes upbeat pop music with a unique polyphony and catchy songs in an accessible style.

€ 1.700,-

Band Utrecht  (NL) The Marrows

The Marrows

Band, pop/rock

Do you like two voices with an acoustic guitar in an intimate setting?

€ 450,-

Band Rotterdam  (NL) Lemming


Band, pop/rock

The legendary band Lemming is ready to entertain you with hits like Father John, Lucifera, Queen Jacula

€ 1.450,-

Band Middelburg  (NL) RoMi Cage

RoMi Cage

Band, pop/rock

ROMI CAGE, one name representing two people: writers duo Romy (Ro) and Michael (mi) Coomans (Cage). Indeed, the same surname. That one name symbolizes the way they feel one with each other, with their passion for music, and with the world...

€ 1.250,-

Band Leiden  (NL) Melle + tyre

Melle + tyre

Band, pop/rock

Melle takes you into his songs by telling his story with passion and love and making the magic of music audible. He has an organic sound and often a comforting or happy message. With sources of inspiration like Tom Odell, The Beatles and...

€ 1.000,-


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