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Musician other Amsterdam  (NL) Scarlett Doctor Cellist

Scarlett Doctor Cellist

Musician other

Do you want a quality classical cellist at your wedding ceremony? I would be happy to help you choose the right atmosphere and pieces.

€ 475,-

Musician other 's Heerenberg  (NL) Duo Celliano the ideal combination cello&piano

Duo Celliano the ideal combination cello&piano

Musician other

On your wedding day, of course, everything has to be perfect. After all, it's your party. The choice of music is essential. Duo Celliano will keep you in the mood and will give you an exciting day.

€ 500,-

Musician other Utrecht  (NL) Modular DJ booth for rent

Modular DJ booth for rent

Musician other

This DJ booth is customizable to the width you want. We can extend it to be as wide as you like. The minimum width is 120cm. And expandable with elements of 40cm each. The DJ booth can be rented seperately, or with a premium front, here...

€ 275,-

Musician other Breda  (NL) Traditional Troubadour

Traditional Troubadour

Musician other

Nobody has as much passion for music as Frank de Troubadour! Let yourself be carried away in traditional music by the beautiful sounds of the guitar and accordion! For the real craftsmen!

€ 400,-

Musician other Breda  (NL) Healthcare Entertainment Songshoreman Frank

Healthcare Entertainment Songshoreman Frank

Musician other

Frank van Es plays as a troubadour often for the older audience! Together with his accordion and guitar, he will be able to bring a strong sense of nostalgia. Delicious for the older listeners among us! House / ward performances are also...

€ 250,-

Musician other Hazerswoude Rijndijk  (NL) Music on Wheels

Music on Wheels

Musician other

A beautiful, mobile one-man band drives around playing! Indoors and outdoors, fun in the street or in the ward! In a huge drum on wheels, sits the cozy accordionist.

€ 550,-

Musician other Oisterwijk  (NL) Care Troubadour Musician ZneriK

Care Troubadour Musician ZneriK

Musician other

ZneriK (Erik) is incredibly fun with the residents in care and comes with his portable mini-piano to give them a good time. With classics and pleasant chats a guaranteed success!

€ 350,-

Musician other Leersum  (NL) Construction workers orchestra great trio

Construction workers orchestra great trio

Musician other

Cozy dixie, Jazz, Latin music.

€ 825,-

Musician other Doorn  (NL) Life 's an Opera

Life 's an Opera

Musician other

Did i know that in every event in life I hear a part from an opera? How fun is it to interpret events from your business as opera!

€ 1.500,-

Musician other Utrecht  (NL) Marijke de Jong Flutist

Marijke de Jong Flutist

Musician other

With Marijke you have a good flutist in house who will give your event extra character. Everything is possible in consultation, including expansion of the line-up. If possible, Marijke will gladly bring her pianist along.

€ 285,-

Musician other Turnhout  (BE) South American Music / Pan Flute Music

South American Music / Pan Flute Music

Musician other

This summer act brings South America to you! Different variations are possible. Book the act now via Showbird!

€ 375,-

Musician other Utrecht  (NL) Katerina Papakostaki

Katerina Papakostaki

Musician other

I'm Katerina, I'm 29 years old and I'm a cellist! I studied classical music in HKU and I want to play music in new plats and venues. I play classical and acoustic music but I can try different music genres!

€ 250,-

Musician other Turnhout  (BE) Spaanse danseres met gitarist/zanger

Spaanse danseres met gitarist/zanger

Musician other

Spaanse danseres/zangeres met Spaanse gitarist/zanger. Een heerlijke zonnige beleving met Spaans duo Los del Sol. Een zonovergoten optreden bestaande uit Spaanse hits en heerlijke Zuiderse muziek. Al zingend en dansend entertainen zij hun...

€ 475,-

Musician other Winterswijk  (NL) Troubadour on wooden shoes

Troubadour on wooden shoes

Musician other

Songs and stories in dialect by troubadour Walt Raaf. Walt Raaf built up a wide range of acts in 25 years and is known for his street performances as a stilt walker. He also played for almost 15 years with band and stage truck all over...

€ 390,-

Musician other Rosmalen  (NL) Kierewiet piet

Kierewiet piet

Musician other

Kierewiet Piet. With jokes and gags Kierewiet Piet goes through the country. Together with his guitar he takes the children by the hand while singing

€ 795,-

Musician other Alkmaar  (NL) Beatboxer Carim

Beatboxer Carim

Musician other

During a beatbox showcase Kariem shows you why he's one of Holland's best beatboxers and why he ended up in the semi-finals of Holland's Got Talent for a reason.

€ 595,-


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