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Accordionist Amersfoort  (NL) Accordionist Florian

Accordionist Florian


Accordionist Florian is a top accordion player who will enhance your event musically and make it unforgettable. With the different genres he can play, he adapts to the atmosphere of every party! Book accordionist Florian now via ShowBird.

€ 177,-

Accordionist Tilburg  (NL) Peter Faber Sings!

Peter Faber Sings!


A la carte singer/accordionist and troubadour, from tropical to old-fashioned Jordanian repertoire...

€ 395,-

Accordionist Haarlem  (NL) Accordionist Robin El-Hage

Accordionist Robin El-Hage


Robin El-Hage is an accordionist with a lot of experience. Because of his broad repertoire he can always adapt to your event. Book this top accordionist now at ShowBird!

€ 292,-

Accordionist Puurs  (BE) Musician Iwein: French Evening

Musician Iwein: French Evening


Musician Iwein together with his faithful accordion makes you think of a cozy getaway in the heart of Paris. Book Iwein for cheerful music. And see how he will charm everyone with his accordion playing!

€ 180,-

Accordionist Puurs  (BE) Musician Iwein: Latin Evening

Musician Iwein: Latin Evening


South American spheres... Dancing crowd filling the dance floor to the rhythm of rumba... Accordionist Musician Iwein plays Spanish, Italian and South American songs. Book Musician Iwein plays nice swinging Latin music!

€ 180,-

Accordionist Puurs  (BE) Tyrolean evening

Tyrolean evening


Accordion Speelman Iwein brings the German and Austrian spheres to your Tyrol night! Book Speelman Iwein now for a successful Tyrolean evening! Put on your lederhosen and expect one après ski hit after another!

€ 180,-

Accordionist Driebergen-rijsenburg  (NL) Baragan ★ Pop/Folk (solo)

Baragan ★ Pop/Folk (solo)


Summer (travel) music with accordion & vocals.

€ 245,-

Accordionist Midwoud  (NL) Just the Two of Us

Just the Two of Us


Duo John Kuiper en Martien Tijburg (van Unicorn) met Ierse muziek; muziek speciaal voor ouderen; Zeemansliederen Wanneer de talentvolle John Kuiper en Martien Tijburg samen optreden heten ze "Just the Two of Us'

€ 500,-

Accordionist De Rijp  (NL) Amsterdam Evening

Amsterdam Evening


Accordionist Vokko Bruges makes it cosy at any party, big or small, also at your home ! It can also be enhanced with rhythm, singing and sound installation.

€ 247,-

Accordionist 't Harde  (NL) Crazy Accordions

Crazy Accordions


Crazy Accordeons is a unique accordion duo for parties and events. They play all kinds of music, and everything is negotiable! The accordions are wirelessly connected, so the duo can walk through the entire hall while playing. A nice...

€ 795,-

Accordionist Amsterdam  (NL) Accordionist René Trok

Accordionist René Trok


Rene Trok is an Amsterdam accordionist who arranges a party wherever he passes by. His musical talent brings a smile to the faces of his audience. Book Rene now via ShowBird!

€ 275,-

Accordionist De Rijp  (NL) Completely Dutch

Completely Dutch


All nice Dutch songs played on the accordion and sung by Vokko Requests always welcome ! Fun for your party, reception, canal cruise, birthday, jubilee, etc

€ 247,-

Accordionist Someren  (NL) Accordionist Pollerie

Accordionist Pollerie


All-round Accordionist, Tyrol, beer festival and Carnival. I like to bring beautiful and cheerful music for parties, birthdays, weddings, boat trips, parties or any other imaginable festive occasion.

€ 367,-

Accordionist Puurs  (BE) Musician Iwein: Christmas

Musician Iwein: Christmas


Accordionist Musician Iwein has the perfect traditional songs ready for any festive Christmas dinner or party. Book for a warm Christmas theme party Musician Iwein. And let your invited guests enjoy his accordion playing!

€ 180,-

Accordionist De Rijp  (NL) On the tumultuous bars

On the tumultuous bars


Oh, how cozy. The best sailor songs are played by top accordionist Vokko! Now on Showbird!

€ 247,-

Accordionist Groningen  (NL) Folk accordionist Erik de Jong

Folk accordionist Erik de Jong


Virtuoso accordionist specialized in danceable Western and Eastern European folk styles such as Irish, Scottish, balfolk, Flemish, French, Balkan and klezmer.

€ 275,-

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