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Band Nijmegen  (NL) CASH - The Tribute

CASH - The Tribute

Band, country

Take the movie 'Walk The Line' in mind, close your eyes and let yourself be embraced by the warm baritone voice of Johnny Cash and the powerful fusion with June Carter Cash. Once you walk out of the venue at the end of the show, you are...

€ 1.500,-

Band Almere  (NL) Paul Chevrolet's Tennessee Session

Paul Chevrolet's Tennessee Session

Band, country

With four men Paul plays his Tennessee Session dirty country songs on banjo, U-bass & twangy telecasters. We usually play amplified, but we can also play acoustically (banjo, double bass, guitar and drums), for example at a garden party,...

€ 250,-

Band Rockanje  (NL) Lizzy V and Band

Lizzy V and Band

Band, country

The 21-year-old intercontinental performer Lizzy V wins prize after prize: "With a great piece of feeling in her set she quickly manages to get the audience breathless Her lyrics have content and what distinguishes this artist most is the...

€ 1.179,-

Band Harmelen  (NL) Harrison Dean Band

Harrison Dean Band

Band, country

Harrison Dean is a singing storyteller who has taken his songs from life. Together with his band he provides a nice dose of power Americana with great lyrics.

€ 150,-

Band Amstelveen  (NL) Hillsome South

Hillsome South

Band, country

Hillsome South is a four-piece band from Hilversum. The band clearly shows that they have a lot of experience in music. They like to play at both small, intimate and large events. For every occasion this band is very suitable!

€ 650,-

Band Amsterdam  (NL) The Bordello Brothers

The Bordello Brothers

Band, country

We are an acoustic three-man formation that provides a listening party in your living room. We play a country related repertoire from western swing to Gram Parsons with project outings in which we play in our style repertoir from...

€ 350,-

Band Almere  (NL) Paul Chevrolet & the Rockin' Cadillacs

Paul Chevrolet & the Rockin' Cadillacs

Band, coverband

With four men Paul Chevrolet plays mud fat, solid, rolling, ripping, steaming rock & roll, with occasional turns to Blues, Country and Rock.

€ 450,-

Band Nijmegen  (NL) Tuesday Moon

Tuesday Moon

Band, country

TUESDAY MOON is a Nijmegen root, folk and American band. We perform with infectious pleasure in cafes, eateries, small halls, street parties and at people's homes.

€ 175,-

Band Amsterdam  (NL) Jennifer Ewbank - Band

Jennifer Ewbank - Band

Band, country

Jennifer has found an absolute hit in the American singer/guitarist Jonny Smokes. Together with Jennifer, he creates the sound and dynamics of an entire band by combining her voice with his walking station and guitars.

€ 1.650,-

Band Drachten  (NL) SERA


Band, country

We're SERA. A country band with a real Nashville sound from the Netherlands!

€ 500,-

Band Oudenbosch  (NL) SoGett


Band, country

SoGett takes you on a journey to enjoy the musical landscape of Americana. Americana is not a separate style of music, but an amalgamation of various styles in which a Country element is often recognizable Think of Southern-Rock, and...

€ 250,-

Band Enschede  (NL) TempleBar, Acoustic Country Pop Band

TempleBar, Acoustic Country Pop Band

Band, country

This Acoustic Country Pop Band shows beautiful ballads and up tempo songs in an optimal mix. With their extensive experience and quality Templebar guarantees a spectacular performance!

€ 525,-

Band Emmer Compascuum  (NL) QUINTUS


Band, country

The band Quintus was very popular in the north and east of the Netherlands from 1975 to 1986. In the early years Quintus' repertoire consisted mainly of country music sung in Dutch and in Groningen. Groningen hits were a.o.: Boerencountry'...

€ 1.225,-

Band Amsterdam  (NL) Performance The Cockroach Killers

Performance The Cockroach Killers

Band, country

Book now the nicest Country band of Belgium! A fantastic mix of traditional country, good old rock & roll and modern country rock. Songs like These Boots, Rose Garden, Burning Love, Johnny Be Good, Somebody like you and I need never get...

€ 900,-

Band Giethoorn  (NL) Easy&Free, Irish and Maritime Folk

Easy&Free, Irish and Maritime Folk

Band, country

Need some nice matching music? Mail or call!

€ 500,-

Band Hoevelaken  (NL) Ramblin' Boots Xmas

Ramblin' Boots Xmas

Band, country

Christmas music, performed with vocal harmony, fiddle and pedal steel? That's possible! Ramblin' Boots plays the most beautiful gems in their own country style.

€ 900,-

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