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Passion Pyramids: Harry van Hest

Trainer/Workshop , Presenting
The artist is residing in Antwerpen

€ 1.750

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Passion Pyramids: Harry van Hest
Passion Pyramids: Harry van Hest
Passion Pyramids: Harry van Hest

1 (solo) performer



1 hour

by mutual agreement


What's your PASSION? This is a guide to "jobsatisfaction". Introduce your audience to the "Passion Pyramid". Let everyone go home with a "passport" to their future choice of study or profession!

Research has been done among final-year students and employers. On the one hand on what their career choice would be and on the other hand on how 'job satisfaction' is among average employees
This is the result of the study published in the USA which teaches us that there, 70% (!) of the employees are not satisfied with the kind of work they do ...!

This of course has everything to do with the right study and/or career choice at pivotal moments in life / career.
In this economic climate, where employers are doing everything they can to retain their staff, it therefore seemed appropriate to develop a programme to tackle this problem at grassroots level.

This is the basis for the study choices students make at the various levels.
If these choices are made correctly, school leavers end up with the right diplomas, step into the right working environment and the 'job satisfaction' and retention will automatically be much higher.


The term 'PASSION' in particular forms the basis for all of this
If students are consciously and passionately engaged with their studies and therefore end them, then they become employees driven by their own volition.

And if employees are passionate about their daily work, then companies at all levels also score!

Students at the pivotal moments of their education. Just before their transition to secondary school or just before they make their university choice or choice of college. But also right after their higher education, before they enter professional life
Passion => success in career

Employees; who are given the opportunity to retrain or retrain from their company. Lifelong learning' will be the 'leitmotiv' of the coming years, so if employers and employees jointly invest in extra training, making the right choice is elementary => higher retention

Jobseekers; (e.g. via temporary employment agencies, job fairs, umbrella organisations for employment mediation, training institutes etc.) who, thanks to this workshop, will receive their tailor-made 'passport' that indicates the direction in which they can find a job that matches their capacities and interests => job satisfaction.

Harry has been active for years as a presenter/moderator and especially as a keynote speaker and trainer. In the latter capacities he gives lectures and trainings for various target groups. These activities are mainly situated in the business world and it is from this angle that he noticed the problem of wrong choice of study and profession.

That's why Harry developed this new programme aimed at today's young adults and all those who are willing to think about new horizons.

This program consists of an interactive, enthusiastic and creative basic seminar from 1:00 to 1:30, to launch and raise awareness about the concept.

If necessary, this will be followed by an extensive workshop, in which the participants will be guided in filling in a matrix that will determine what his/her 'Passion Pyramids' are based on his/her personal; 'Values', 'Interests', 'Capacities' and 'Ambitions'.

In concrete terms, this means that a person who joins the programme has a 'passport' at the end of the programme, which indicates, as it were, the direction in which he or she is best looking for further study or work.

In a second phase, this basic package can be extended to half a day or even a full day, with various other speakers and adapted entertainment completing the whole.



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The artist is residing in Antwerpen

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€ 1.750,-

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