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Game show Higher Bearing

Sports/games , Quiz
The artist is residing in Barendrecht

€ 850

act price ex 21% VAT

Game show Higher Bearing
Game show Higher Bearing
Game show Higher Bearing

multiple performers

Indoor and outdoor


4 hours

by mutual agreement


Get the game angle higher down to your event now! By means of this interactive game show you provide pure entertainment for your guests. Book the game show Higher Lower now via ShowBird!

The consumer keeps/save obtained receipts and has a chance to win a nice price. The receipts can be handed in at the desk of the presenter. One gets a chance card on which one fills in the name and address details. These chance cards are collected and drawn from these cards per round of participants. Only fully completed chance cards are valid.

Game explanation
By filling in and handing in a chance card, customers can participate in this fun game. On a nice desk there are 5 large playing cards turned upside down. The first card is flipped over by the presenter, who asks the question "Is the next card higher or lower? If the customer has guessed this correctly, this question is asked again on the next card. This continues until the customer has turned over all the cards correctly or has given a wrong answer.

If the customer has given a wrong answer, a small prize can be awarded (e.g. a pen or key ring of the mall) if the customer has guessed all the cards correctly. The game continues until all prizes per round have been given away. Experience shows that this is about 6 to 8
prizes and that a game round takes about 25 minutes. Participating in the game can be forgiven until the prizes per round and is from the age of 16.

For each round, the shopping centre makes key prices available, which are a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 per round. It is also nice to make a `poodle price` available for all losers. If you wish, the price package can also be composed by us. The Higher-Lowergame is included:
-4 hours presence and presentation of 4 game rounds
-Sound system with control
-Upper bearing play and intake desk
-Higher-Lower Chance Cards (if needed)

Duration of performance: 4 hours
Number of persons: 1
Sound system: A-Set



Hire or book Game show Higher Bearing is best done here via Showbird.
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or his/her personal manager.
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The artist is residing in Barendrecht

€ 850,-

act price ex 21% VAT

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