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Marketing & The Unconscious: Arne Maas

Speaker , Marketing / Sales
The performer is residing in Stolwijk

€ 744

act price ex 21% VAT

Marketing & The Unconscious: Arne Maas
Marketing & The Unconscious: Arne Maas

Interactive presentation on how our brains work in judging brands. What situations tempt us to buy, when do we actually have no control over our behaviour? Many appealing examples.

The presentation consists of a short explanation about the functioning of our brain. I will show the audience in interaction how our brain makes us think things that are not at all like that. Then I discuss all kinds of examples in advertisements, shops, our behaviour, restaurants in which we are unconsciously led by all kinds of stimuli from the environment without us noticing it. Is there a cure for all this? Not really, but if you know it, you can steer the subconscious a bit more and even use it. So the presentation is also full of tips!



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The artist is residing in Stolwijk

€ 744,-

act price ex 21% VAT

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