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Old Dutch games

Sports/games , Arcade / Sports tables
The artist is residing in Heinenoord

€ 895

act price ex 21% VAT

Old Dutch games
Old Dutch games
Old Dutch games
Old Dutch games
Old Dutch games
Old Dutch games

2 (duo) performers

Indoor and outdoor


4 hours

Enough space to place games


These fun old Dutch games are still mega popular. Also our mega shuffleboard is always fun at events for young and old.

Are you organizing a day with a Dutch theme, then these games are perfect. Our guides in Old Dutch Outfit will accompany the games. Don't you know how to play them? Then you can ask them

It is also fun to play shuffleboard but ... and not just on a Shuffleboard, no for this competition we put 2 Mega Shuffleboards of 5 meters long.
Every hour the best Old Dutch Shuffleboard shufflers win a nice prize.
The price for this competition is 1095,- euro

Besides shuffling there are also other possibilities.

Which traditional Dutch games are there?
By default, you rent 10 games. You can choose from the following games. Please mention this when booking.
- Wheelbak
- Hammer game
- Clown Spiral
- Tin Throw
- Hat Hopper
- Pendulum Board
- Labyrinth
- Shuffleboard
- Spiral Game
- Dice Pawn
- Beer Roll
- Fishing game
- Cheese Game
- Horseshoe Throwing
- Cat & Mouse game
- Table Hockey
- Point Shuffleboard
- Cheesesteak
- Draw Billiards
- Shuffleboard
- Tollbooth
- Shuffleboard Shooting
- Mirror writing
- Males game
- Ring game
- Shiver Spiral

Description rental Old Dutch Games
With two people, dressed in Old Dutch style, we come to the event. There we present the games on tables (not included, must be present). With each game comes an instruction manual, so that one can read how it should be played. Of course it is also possible to ask for information and explanations about the games from the two supervisors

Idea - Organize a competition with the Old Dutch Games !
It is possible to set up a competition. We always bring competition forms, on which a score can be placed per game part. When all games are played, the points are added up. The one with the highest score is of course the winner. You can of course determine age categories. And declare a winner per category. (Should the winners win a prize, you will have to arrange this yourself.

Specifications of Old Dutch games
Duration: 4 hours consecutively
Decor: Large decor
Sound: Included up to 100 persons
Age: All ages
Guidance: 2 persons
Travel costs: Incl. 50 km. from Heinenoord, after that € 0,45 per km.



Hire or book Old Dutch games is best done here via Showbird.
This act is suitable for event types:
You have 1-on-1 contact with the artist
or his/her personal manager.
Do you have a question about this act?
Pose it in your request for the artist.

The artist is residing in Heinenoord

Doe een vrijblijvende aanvraag bij artiest

€ 895,-

act price ex 21% VAT

The request is non-committal.
Artist will respond with question/proposal.
After that, you can complete the booking.

Artist responds normally within 4 hour.

Doe een vrijblijvende aanvraag


Artist responds normally within 4 hour.

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