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28 items found
Trainer/Workshop Thorn  (NL) Workshop Royal Flying Birds@Work

Workshop Royal Flying [email protected]

Trainer/Workshop, spectacle

€ 1.200,-

Trainer/Workshop Halfweg  (Noord Holland)(NL) Workshop ballonnen-vouwen

Workshop ballonnen-vouwen

Trainer/Workshop, spectacle

Gezellige en originele workshop; leer ballonnenvouwen en ga naar huis met een zak vol eigen gemaakte modellen.

€ 750,-

Trainer/Workshop Leiden  (NL) Balloon Spectacle

Balloon Spectacle

Trainer/Workshop, spectacle

It will be one big party during this workshop with Bella's children's hits, interactive entertainment and, of course, lots of balloons. A giant balloon show where children learn to make their own balloon figures.

€ 750,-

Trainer/Workshop Eindhoven  (NL) Juggling and/or Diaboloing Workshop

Juggling and/or Diaboloing Workshop

Trainer/Workshop, spectacle

A fun workshop in which you will learn to juggle with 3 balls.

€ 150,-

Trainer/Workshop Amsterdam  (NL) Circus Clog: Workshop

Circus Clog: Workshop

Trainer/Workshop, spectacle

What can you learn with us in a workshop at the circus farm; Making brooms fly, throwing eggs, stacking people, throwing water, playing handball, spinning plates, rope jumping with clotheslines, waving flags with tea towels, hoops with...

€ 975,-

Trainer/Workshop De Haan  (BE) Workshop Fifty Shades

Workshop Fifty Shades

Trainer/Workshop, spectacle

Have you always been a fan of the Fifty Shades series and always wanted to know what their techniques are? Then this is the perfect workshop for you! In this workshop you will learn the techniques, tips and tricks that were used in the...

€ 300,-

Trainer/Workshop Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel  (NL) Tracking with tracking dogs

Tracking with tracking dogs

Trainer/Workshop, spectacle

The dog's sense of smell is much better developed than that of humans. Dogs can smell something from meters away that we have not yet gotten a whiff of During this workshop we will demonstrate how the dog uses its nose to track down...

€ 325,-

Trainer/Workshop Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel  (NL) Fire Spitting Workshop

Fire Spitting Workshop

Trainer/Workshop, spectacle

Fire spitting is using a liquid to blow away a mist that you can light with a torch. You get a mist when you spray oil with air, like a plant sprayer. If done properly, the fire spitter can blow away large flames In this workshop, the...

€ 385,-

Trainer/Workshop Voorburg  (NL) Mobile entertainment

Mobile entertainment

Trainer/Workshop, spectacle

Mobile entertainment concepts are ideal when a large audience is expected. From mobile casino tables to polaroid photos, we offer it all!

€ 499,-

Trainer/Workshop Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel  (NL) Gripping with certified dogs

Gripping with certified dogs

Trainer/Workshop, spectacle

During this workshop, the bite work will be demonstrated. We will show you how the dog finds the packer and bites it, without being distracted by bystanders Afterwards there is an opportunity for the participants to put on their own bite...

€ 325,-

Trainer/Workshop Eindhoven  (NL) Try out circus

Try out circus

Trainer/Workshop, spectacle

Get acquainted with the various circus disciplines under the guidance of two experienced circus teachers.

€ 495,-

Trainer/Workshop De Haan  (BE) Workshop Firebreathing

Workshop Firebreathing

Trainer/Workshop, spectacle

Become a fire master and teach you how to spit fire! A special spectacle that you really can't let go of. Book now this overwhelming workshop at ShowBird!

€ 300,-

Trainer/Workshop Breda  (NL) Fire Spitting Workshop || StageHeat

Fire Spitting Workshop || StageHeat

Trainer/Workshop, spectacle

Would you like to book a firebreathing workshop? Learn it from real StageHeat firebreathers. Now our exciting firebreathing workshop that will make your heart beat faster! We offer you a workshop given by real artists.

€ 400,-

Trainer/Workshop Essen  (BE) Dominik Messiaen: Hypnosis workshop

Dominik Messiaen: Hypnosis workshop

Trainer/Workshop, spectacle

First see, then believe? Dominik Messiaen, The Charming Hypnotist, shows the participants not only hypnosis. He lets them experience hypnosis for themselves during the workshop During a hypnosis workshop, the hypnotist first gives a brief...

€ 700,-

Trainer/Workshop Den Haag  (NL) Blokart clinic

Blokart clinic

Trainer/Workshop, spectacle

Competitive, team building, speed and all this on the beach? That is possible with a Blokart Clinic, ideal for a company outing, bachelor party or just together with friends or family!

€ 397,-

Trainer/Workshop Harderwijk  (NL) Workshop: Building a Giant Kite

Workshop: Building a Giant Kite

Trainer/Workshop, spectacle

Book via Showbird a workshop Building a Giant Kite and strengthen team spirit and togetherness with your colleagues!

€ 1.450,-

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