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Trainer/Workshop Amsterdam  (NL) Capoeira Dance Show

Capoeira Dance Show

Trainer/Workshop, dance

Do you think it's so cool to be able to? At least it's great to do! Capoeira is a Brazilian fight dance. This martial art used to be disguised as a dance so it didn't notice that it was trained to increase resilience. The dance is formed...

€ 453,-

Trainer/Workshop Haarlem  (NL) Magic Workshop | Louis

Magic Workshop | Louis

Trainer/Workshop, magic

During this magic workshop every participant will be actively involved. Louis Baerts always knows how to find the perfect balance between information and entertainment. Book the Magic Workshop on ShowBird now!

€ 695,-

Trainer/Workshop Haarlem  (NL) Ballooning Workshop

Ballooning Workshop

Trainer/Workshop, arts

During this workshop you will learn to really go one step further with balloons. During this workshop Louis Baerts shows that everyone has a hidden talent. Book the workshop Ballooning on ShowBird now!

€ 750,-

Trainer/Workshop Amsterdam  (NL) The Magic Code: Magic Workshop

The Magic Code: Magic Workshop

Trainer/Workshop, magic

During this workshop Jasper Oberon teaches the audience to perform their own magic tricks. This workshop is full of surprises and action. This workshop is very suitable for teambuilding. Book a Magic Workshop on ShowBird now!

€ 550,-

Trainer/Workshop Amsterdam  (NL) Flamenco Singing Workshop

Flamenco Singing Workshop

Trainer/Workshop, singing

In these workshops people have the opportunity to meet and understand how flamenco singing works in a fun and creative way!

€ 200,-

Trainer/Workshop Amsterdam  (NL) Enneke's Cheerleading workshop

Enneke's Cheerleading workshop

Trainer/Workshop, dance

Enneke will help you become a real cheerleader! With her workshop you'll have a taste for it within a couple of hours! Through ShowBird you can book this workshop for a company party or bachelor party.

€ 350,-

Trainer/Workshop Amsterdam  (NL) Enneke's Burlesque workshop

Enneke's Burlesque workshop

Trainer/Workshop, dance

Ideal for a bachelor party! With the Burlesque workshop Enneke teaches you and your girlfriends / colleagues how to present yourself as a real Burlesque Showgirl! Book this workshop via ShowBird and improve your sex appeal on the dance...

€ 350,-

Trainer/Workshop Amsterdam  (NL) Dancarinas Cocktail Workshop

Dancarinas Cocktail Workshop

Trainer/Workshop, food / drink

We regularly run workshops for large groups. A cocktail workshop is a fun activity to do with friends or family, especially in the summer!

€ 500,-

Trainer/Workshop Amsterdam  (NL) Workshop with Robert Doornbos

Workshop with Robert Doornbos

Trainer/Workshop, sports

How do you react when you have to perform at the moment suprême? And why do some people get proverbial wings and others virtually perish under the stress? As a former F1 driver (including with Red Bull Racing) Robert Doornbos knows better...

from € 6.750,- from

Trainer/Workshop Purmerend  (NL) Capoeira Workshop

Capoeira Workshop

Trainer/Workshop, sports

Learning a Brazilian sport with a workshop is ideal for your party. With an energetic and enthusiastic teacher you will get to know the sport within 1 workshop. A sporting experience that is perfect for all ages! Also book now on ShowBird!

from € 425,- from

Trainer/Workshop Amsterdam  (NL) Street dance dance show

Street dance dance show

Trainer/Workshop, dance

Do you want to build your own party and go loose as if you were at the disco? If your street dance literally translated the meaning is street dance, as it is a sauce of self invented movements in the disco or on the street. It is an...

€ 453,-

Trainer/Workshop Amsterdam  (NL) Smartlappen Workshop

Smartlappen Workshop

Trainer/Workshop, music

Make sure you work on your musical skills through this fun workshop playing the accordion. It is also possible to sing with a vocal coach. In short, a great experience. Book this experience now via ShowBird!

€ 350,-

Trainer/Workshop Amsterdam  (NL) Workshop fun Magic and Bar Tricks

Workshop fun Magic and Bar Tricks

Trainer/Workshop, magic

Always wanted to surprise people in the bar with your tricks? This is your chance! Jasper Oberon will explain the ins and outs of the bar tricks to you. Book the Workshop Fun Magic and Bar Tricks on ShowBird now!

€ 450,-

Trainer/Workshop Amsterdam  (NL) Workshop Theatre Sports by Jasper

Workshop Theatre Sports by Jasper

Trainer/Workshop, cabaret

Improvisation theatre experienced in its purest form. During this workshop you will learn what it is like to be one of 'The Llamas'! It is packed with action, humour and interaction. Book the Workshop Theatersport on ShowBird now!

€ 395,-

Trainer/Workshop Amsterdam  (NL) Disco workshop

Disco workshop

Trainer/Workshop, dance

With this workshop Enneke teaches you and your friends / colleagues how to groove and swing to Disco music from the 70's and 80's ! Book this workshop via ShowBird as a nice addition to your company outing or other kind of event.

€ 350,-

Trainer/Workshop Haarlem  (NL) Pimping your dick with Miss Fucksia

Pimping your dick with Miss Fucksia


Fancy a fun creative activity with a spicy touch? Miss Fucksia has a great way to fill in your bachelor party, girlfriends or boyfriends party, baby shower or staff outing. The Pimple Pimp Party!

€ 37,-


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