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Speaker Nootdorp  (NL) Formula Female: Ria Visser

Formula Female: Ria Visser

Speaker, sports / performance

This inspiring presentation by Olympic speed skater Ria Visser is like Yoga for your Mind. Unravel the mystery behind the female brain and discover how you can function and perform optimally.

€ 425,-

Speaker Kortgene  (NL) The Future-proof Organization

The Future-proof Organization

Speaker, business / management

The world is changing fast. Afraid your organization isn't changing fast enough? Are employees dissatisfied? This is what you can do now to be ready for tomorrow! Get inspired by the Organizational Futurist Heiske Nonnekes. Heiske knows...

€ 1.790,-

Trainer/Workshop Huizen  (NL) Masterclass Positioning Yourself

Masterclass Positioning Yourself

Trainer/Workshop, presenting

Hands-on and inspiring workshop on visibility, profiling and female leadership.

€ 1.497,-

Speaker Badhoevedorp  (NL) Intermittent Fasting your secret weapon

Intermittent Fasting your secret weapon


Intermittent fasting provides a 100% increase in team performance, so it has mega scientific proven sustainable health benefits for individual "business potatoes" as well. Mabel van den Dungen developed and presented several television...

€ 2.000,-

Trainer/Workshop Kortgene  (NL) Team development

Team development

Trainer/Workshop, presenting

You want to be a team: - to know better what everyone's talent and strength is? - make better use of the team's potential and diversity? - improve difficult cooperation? - change the team's strength; for example, become more creative...

€ 2.469,-

Speaker Nootdorp  (NL) Formula Flow by Ria Visser

Formula Flow by Ria Visser

Speaker, sports / performance

Get acquainted with your inner feeling of connectedness both privately and on the work floor. Experience how vitality, inspiration and meaning play a role in this.

€ 675,-

Speaker Leidschendam  (NL) Jose van Dalen - Sales & Diversity

Jose van Dalen - Sales & Diversity

Speaker, marketing / sales

José is among the most successful and influential business women in the Netherlands. With an annual growth rate of 20%, she managed to bring her company to 10 million sales within 7 years. Do you want to know how you as an entrepreneur,...

€ 1.000,-

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) Damla Kartal on CARRIERE & 3M's

Damla Kartal on CARRIERE & 3M's

Speaker, human interest / behavior

MT member at Amazon as Head of CX, Day President and Speaker! Damla grew up in a family business in Retail, a Turkish/Dutch background and parallel to her Master's degree at the UvA she is studying TV & Radio. After her studies she will...

€ 1.500,-

Trainer/Workshop Kortgene  (NL) Team building and development

Team building and development

Trainer/Workshop, sports

Do you want to have a nice day with your team? Get to know each other better in an interesting and active way? Then follow a Lumina Spark workshop and put what you've learned into practice on a sailing boat! Especially with nice weather...

€ 3.970,-

Speaker Huizen  (NL) Lecture Susan Veldkamp: Visibility

Lecture Susan Veldkamp: Visibility

Speaker, human interest / behavior

The best don't automatically get the most chances. Too often they are panhandlers who cash in on mediocre work with a big mouth. For years, the invisibility of women has been one of the two main causes of the unequal woman-male...

€ 797,-

Speaker Lochem  (NL) Under the spell of thought

Under the spell of thought

Speaker, future / trends

Expert Generalist Elsbeth van Lienden shows entrepreneurs, directors but also students and schoolchildren in a playful and personal way how we are entangled in the web of our own thoughts and how we can escape from it so that we can be...

€ 1.275,-

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) Mental health - Public speaking event

Mental health - Public speaking event

Speaker, business / management

The co-founders of the mental health foundation "Let's Break the Shame" Iris de With and Mae Zaal are expert public speakers for organizations and educational institutions. With unforgettable insight, they change how you see mental health,...

€ 1.500,-

Speaker Haarlem  (NL) Motivational speaker

Motivational speaker

Speaker, business / management

MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER Henrike van Engelenburg was a theater producer for over 20 years, in these two decades there were many ups and downs and she managed to keep her head above water every time.

€ 1.950,-

Presenter Amersfoort  (NL) Fien Vermeulen chairman of the day

Fien Vermeulen chairman of the day

Presenter, event host

As chairman of the day, Fien will ensure that your event will run smoothly and you will not have to worry about the program yourself. This intelligent and organized woman will completely unburden you during the important event and make the...

€ 3.500,-

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) Discover your Ikigai for more (work) fun

Discover your Ikigai for more (work) fun

Speaker, health / vitality

Speaker: Brenda Serrée Interactive lecture for employees at organizations on the Ikigai secrets for a long and healthy life. These secrets came over from Okinawa, Japan, where many people live to be 100+. Dwell on your Ikigai or...

€ 1.750,-

Speaker Soesterberg  (NL) Lorraine Verterink | speaker

Lorraine Verterink | speaker

Speaker, business / management

Success is having fun doing what gives great pleasure. This is Lorraine Verterink's motto. Lorraine is Bestselling author of 9 entrepreneurial books, Life & Business coach and knows how to inspire and activate people like no other.

€ 1.116,-

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