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DJ's in Rotterdam

89 items found
DJ Rotterdam  (NL) Turntable Tim - 80's, 90's & 00's DJ
Golden tip

Turntable Tim - 80's, 90's & 00's DJ

DJ, allround

Looking for a cool DJ for your wedding, corporate event, or other party? Then look no further! DJ Turntable Tim has become an expert in playing 80's, 90's & 00's music on all kinds of occasions.

€ 450,-

DJ Rotterdam  (NL) DJ Deniz Guzel (Disco-House-Allround)

DJ Deniz Guzel (Disco-House-Allround)

DJ, allround

Cheerful and energetic disco/house combined with more familiar hits to get everyone loose. 10+ years of experience at home and abroad, excellent ability to sense and respond to a (wide) audience. Danceability comes first which guarantees a...

€ 100,-

DJ Rotterdam  (NL) Diego Suave - Lounge, House, Disco DJ
Showbird's choice

Diego Suave - Lounge, House, Disco DJ

DJ, house

Are you looking for an experienced DJ who can play the best lounge, house, disco, and other cozy records at your corporate party, wedding private party, beach club, or other occasion? Then look no further!

€ 250,-

DJ Rotterdam  (NL) Dread Pitt (DJ)

Dread Pitt (DJ)

DJ, urban/hiphop

Dread Pitt will move effortlessly between contemporary hip hop, tropical afrobeats, Cuban salsa, and the R&B and hip hop classics. In this set, there is a song for everyone at a summer party, which will stand out from the crowd. Dread Pitt...

€ 300,-

DJ Rotterdam  (NL) Turntable Tim - All-round DJ
Showbird's choice

Turntable Tim - All-round DJ

DJ, allround

Looking for a cool DJ for your corporate party, wedding, private party, or other occasion? Then look no further! With Turntable Tim as your DJ you are guaranteed to have a great night.

€ 250,-

DJ Rotterdam  (NL) Beats At Your Wedding

Beats At Your Wedding

DJ, allround

As a DJ, I want to see an atmospheric and swinging dance floor at all times. Whether this is at a wedding or another special occasion like a birthday or company party. A radiant wedding couple (or group of colleagues) with a packed dance...

€ 675,-

DJ Rotterdam  (NL) Minirave with Don De Baron
Golden tip

Minirave with Don De Baron

DJ, party

The party where all types of music pass by on the dance floor. From Britney Spears to Bizzey, from Michael Jackson to K3, from ABBA to 50 Cent, from Beyonce to Paul Elstak. From a quick hour of partying to a full-length program. Book the...

€ 250,-

DJ Krimpen aan den IJssel  (NL) Joe Bailar - DJ Trumpet Act

Joe Bailar - DJ Trumpet Act

DJ, house

Give your tasteful event the music it deserves. Treat your guests to music that elevates the mood, and gives it a golden edge. With trumpet.

€ 750,-

DJ Schiedam  (NL) Jill & Cece

Jill & Cece

DJ, house

Let yourself be enchanted by delicious beats combined with funky live sax sounds. These ladies know how to create a magical atmosphere. Their timing, the dynamics between them and the performance; it is pure passion in the form of music

€ 995,-

DJ Nootdorp  (NL) DJ Groovy Cody | All-round DJ

DJ Groovy Cody | All-round DJ

DJ, allround

All-round DJ (including DJ set) for any kind of event. Without DJ no party, he is the one who can determine a large part of the atmosphere by playing the right songs at the right moments.

€ 350,-

DJ Rotterdam  (NL) All-round FEEST with Don the Baron
Showbird's choice

All-round FEEST with Don the Baron

DJ, allround

Does your evening need to really pop? Then Don is the man for you! No Dj who just plays records but someone who really takes the audience into an unforgettable evening. Everything from ABBA to Paul Elstak and everything in between!

€ 300,-

DJ Krimpen aan den IJssel  (NL) Bring It Back - 90s House & Dance

Bring It Back - 90s House & Dance

DJ, club/dance

Bring back the 90s with music by Moloko, Armand van Helden, Guru Josh Project and so on. From nice deep house in the background music to set the mood so to danceable classics to a thick party in the late hours.

€ 600,-

DJ Rotterdam  (NL) $hirak


DJ, allround

$hirak, the producer to whom a.o. Lil Kleine, Ronnie Flex, Boef and Brotherly Love owe a number of big hits! The producer / beatmaker / DJ can be booked through ShowBird . Hire Shirak today for every party.

€ 4.799,-

DJ Delft  (NL) Oliver 'N Criss

Oliver 'N Criss

DJ, allround

Olivier de Ronde Bresser and Crispijn Berendsen have been spinning together for 8 years as Oliver 'N Criss. Oliver 'N Criss currently perform in major clubs and festivals throughout the Netherlands and abroad.

€ 1.100,-

Singer (male) Spijkenisse  (NL) Will: Singer, DJ & Presenter

Will: Singer, DJ & Presenter

Singer (male), dutch

Party mood guaranteed to your liking, from wedding to smallest birthday party BBq or any other occasion where you have DJ-Singer and Presenter in one booking complete for all your parties. from 30 minutes to noon- evening - day filling

€ 495,-

DJ Rotterdam  (NL) Dj Stong, Your Party dj

Dj Stong, Your Party dj

DJ, allround

Are you looking for an All-Round DJ for corporate parties, weddings, house parties or other occasions? Then you've come to the right place. From old sing-alongs from the 80s to hits of today. You name it.

€ 300,-


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