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Actor Cuijk  (NL) Character and singer cleaning lady Annie
Showbird's choice

Character and singer cleaning lady Annie

Actor, character

Typetjes Rotterdamse Annie, the cozy gossip aunt. You hear them from a distance, so watch out hihihi Secretly, it's a party animal. A singer is the cap!

€ 125,-

Actor Beesd  (NL) Champagne Ladies New Year

Champagne Ladies New Year

Actor, food

These beautiful champagne ladies welcome your guests at many events with a delicious glass of champagne. The champagne ladies can be used at many events such as New Year's events, Christmas parties, Christmas parties, New Year's drinks,...

€ 850,-

Actor Den Haag  (NL) Drag Bingo by DeeDee
Showbird's choice

Drag Bingo by DeeDee

Actor, drag

What breaks the ice, what sets the mood and where you can win awesome prizes too? Exactly, a bingo! DeeDee, known from RTL's DRAG SOS presents this bingo with lots of humor and sharp remarks. This one and only Drag Bingo can now be booked...

€ 550,-

Actor Den Haag  (NL) Drag Show by DeeDee

Drag Show by DeeDee

Actor, drag

Deedee's playback show is one to remember and should not be missed at any party! With lots of experience DeeDee talks the playback numbers together live, this drag/playback act is very interactive, alive and brings a great...

€ 750,-

Actor Hellevoetsluis  (NL) Wizard


Actor, character

If you need a magic show at your event then you've come to the right place with this Wizard. He will make sure that the guests at your event are entertained through his magic tricks.

€ 650,-

Actor Eindhoven  (NL) Stiltwalker: Heart

Stiltwalker: Heart

Actor, stilt-walker

Stiltwalker Hearts is a standout that will amaze audiences. With a length of almost 2.5 meters, he cannot be missed by the audience. Stiltwalker Hearts constantly seeks interaction with the audience.

€ 195,-

Actor Veenendaal  (NL) Bep Lachebek

Bep Lachebek

Actor, character

Make sure your event gets extra humor by Bep Lachbek. This comical character always makes her guests laugh in a typical 'Utregse' way. All spoken and sung live from behind the microphone.

from € 300,- from

Actor Winterswijk  (NL) Halloween Stiltwalkers

Halloween Stiltwalkers

Actor, stilt-walker

A bizarre stiltwalker to give your Halloween event a grim touch. Stiltwalkers can be hired in different creations and themes. The acts are a combination of music, acting, dance and theatre.

€ 966,-

Actor Winterswijk  (NL) Winterbuck


Actor, animals

Perfect for parties in the winter, a beautiful Winter Buck, expandable with other winter characters if necessary. The act is a combination of music, play, dance and theater.

€ 371,-

Actor Winterswijk  (NL) White Birds
Showbird's choice

White Birds

Actor, stilt-walker

One of the most special shows of Walt Raaf. The Stiltwalkers are dressed as white birds, white ravens, real birds of paradise. The act can play with 1 to 4 white birds. The act can be accompanied by a clown with flute or by troubadours on...

€ 899,-

Actor Winterswijk  (NL) Bride and groom on stilts!

Bride and groom on stilts!

Actor, stilt-walker

Perfect for your wedding or anniversary! The acts are a combination of music, acting, dance and theatre. Stiltwalkers can be hired in different creations and themes. The acts are a combination of music, acting, dance and theatre...

€ 389,-

Actor Amsterdam  (NL) Circus Clog: Acrobatic clog dancing

Circus Clog: Acrobatic clog dancing

Actor, character

Cheerful spectacle from the Dutch farm.

€ 1.100,-

Actor Amsterdam  (NL) Cirque Colourique: Parade

Cirque Colourique: Parade

Actor, parade

A musical and motley circus parade brings life to the stage with lots of merriment , frivolous antics, daring tricks and (sometimes) challenging audience participation.

€ 2.350,-

Actor Spijkenisse  (NL) Duo act Led robots

Duo act Led robots

Actor, character

Instead of a single robot at your event, it is also possible to book a duo-act. Multiple combinations are possible to give your event that extra twist. Book the duo-act now on ShowBird!

€ 1.050,-

Actor Spijkenisse  (NL) Large ABC Robot

Large ABC Robot

Actor, character

The ABC robot knows its popularity from the movie 'Judge Dredd'. But this ABC robot is really not homicidal but photolustic! Everybody wants to be photographed with this robot and the ABC robot is therefore a fantastic act at your event!...

€ 650,-

Actor Arnhem  (NL) Imagine V.I.P with Lakei Fleur/ entrance act

Imagine V.I.P with Lakei Fleur/ entrance act

Actor, character

Lakei Fleur to Fleur, or Piccole Fleur, rolls out the red carpet for you and your guests at your party. She then welcomes everyone in the stately , cordial and comical manner so that the tone is set at your special party! Your guest is...

€ 159,-


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