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Actor Oosterhout  (Noord Brabant)(NL) Birdcage Flowerladies

Birdcage Flowerladies

Actor, hosting

The eye catcher for your event: Birdcage Flower Ladies. The ladies can be used for various functions such as a welcome act or give-away act.

€ 750,-

Actor Oosterhout  (Noord Brabant)(NL) Sea Treasure Carousel

Sea Treasure Carousel

Actor, hosting

Your guests will not soon forget the Sea Treasure Carousel! Provide them in a unique way of a tasty snack or drink, served by a beautiful lady!

€ 965,-

Actor Oosterhout  (Noord Brabant)(NL) Flower girls

Flower girls

Actor, hosting

These beautiful flower ladies can be used on every event. You can use the colourful apparitions as hostesses, hand out ladies or polaroid girls. The Flower Girls are the perfect addition to any summer event or springtime event at Easter or...

€ 750,-

Actor Leerdam  (NL) Handing out the Moppies - cleaning lady act

Handing out the Moppies - cleaning lady act

Actor, hosting

A centuries-old act in a modern outfit. These beautiful cleaning ladies brighten up your party while chatting with the guests. Nice as a reception, near toilets or mobile entertained at your party.

€ 300,-

Actor Leerdam  (NL) Donut Worry - Donut handing out act hostess

Donut Worry - Donut handing out act hostess

Actor, hosting

The doughnut ladies put a scoop on it. An act full of goodies. Also possible with a real donut wall. Nice at the entrance of the party, or walking around between your guests.

€ 300,-

Actor Oosterhout  (Noord Brabant)(NL) Ibiza Boho Beach

Ibiza Boho Beach

Actor, hosting

Are you organizing a summer party on a sultry summer evening? These Ibiza Boho Ladies will give you a refreshing and thematic welcome!

€ 750,-

Actor Leerdam  (NL) Winter Girl

Winter Girl

Actor, hosting

Heartwarming Winter Girl. Our Winter Girl brings everyone a heartwarming winter wish. She can come alone but in a duo they are even more fun! Of course you can also get some tasty snacks or other things.

€ 325,-

Actor Leerdam  (NL) Horse game

Horse game

Actor, hosting

Who will get their horse around the course first? Fun during all kinds of events!

€ 675,-

Actor Leerdam  (NL) Heart Ladies

Heart Ladies

Actor, hosting

These heart ladies are perfect for any occasion that has to do with love. They walk around and hand out compliments to everyone they meet to spread their joy.

€ 595,-

Actor Leerdam  (NL) Butterflies


Actor, hosting

Cheerful right? And they are! With this act at your parties it will be fun right away. Let them flutter around, have a chat with your guests or give them a warm welcome at the entrance.

€ 650,-

Actor Leerdam  (NL) Fishing ducks

Fishing ducks

Actor, hosting

For the little ones, duck fishing! Very fun and of course with a lady providing the game in a costume with an appropriate theme.

€ 750,-

Actor Leerdam  (NL) Roller skate

Roller skate

Actor, hosting

Super fast this act comes along! This fun act on roller skates zooms past your guests to hand out fun goodies or do a trick.

€ 495,-

Actor Leerdam  (NL) Flower lady

Flower lady

Actor, hosting

This beautiful costume will ensure many looks from the audience. This Flower Lady will stop by your event to impress through her magisterial flower. Her act is perfect for spring or summer events.

€ 395,-

Actor De Meern  (NL) Caviar King

Caviar King

Actor, hosting

Our ladies look gorgeous, wear beautiful costumes with big fur hats and present delicious caviar.

€ 875,-

Actor Oosterhout  (Noord Brabant)(NL) Winter


Actor, hosting

These Winter Wonderland hostesses are perfect for your Christmas party, New Year party, Aprés Ski party or other winter event. Take a look at the various beautiful appearances you can book.

€ 750,-

Actor Leerdam  (NL) The little darlings - Valentine

The little darlings - Valentine

Actor, hosting

The sweethearts put a scoop on it. An act full of love, delicious sweets and a compliment for everyone. Fun at the entrance of the party, or walking around between your guests.

€ 300,-

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