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Communication by: Harry van Hest

Speaker , Human interest / Behavior
The performer is residing in Antwerpen

€ 1.750

act price ex 21% VAT

Communication by: Harry van Hest

1 hour


Communication or Curve Communication
Optimize your communication in your business! Body language, stress control, attire.... It's all part of the job. This interactive lecture by Harry van Helst is ideal for large and small organizations, job seekers and students!

The larger your company or organization, the more important but often also the more difficult your communication.
And we're not talking about your electronic/digital communication, because that will probably be perfectly organized, but about the 'interpersonal' communication.

For example, this lecture teaches us that employees tell a lot more with their body language than with the words they utter. You will also gain an enormous amount of time and energy during application or evaluation interviews by properly observing the candidates.

But if there is talk, it is very important that what is said is also understood in the intended way by the 'receiver'. Redefining, efficient assertiveness, avoiding toxic language, 'walk your talk', storytelling and especially learning to 'listen' are crucial here.

If there are tensions or conflicts within a company, the right communication is the way to grow towards efficient and sustainable solutions for all parties.

In all this, it is important for each party to be able to monitor and/or detect possible stress.

All these items and, if necessary, additional elements that form a bottleneck in your company (to be agreed upon at intake), will be dealt with in this lecture in an efficient, interactive, but above all humorous way, adapted to your audience. Moreover, the listeners are immediately provided with tools to deal with what they have learned efficiently.

If you invite Harry in your company, organisation or at your event, you are guaranteed to communicate enthusiastically afterwards!

Harry van Hest is a communicator 'pur sang', it's just in his genes. And this has been the case ever since he started his career at Roularta publishing house as an events manager. Through his activities in the press, he got to know the business world from various sides.

Complemented by his years of experience as a presenter for radio and television, he now also developed a lecture to optimise interpersonal communication in various areas.
Of course he also pays attention to all possible forms of digital communication, but especially with the focus on how the various generations each deal with these new forms of communication in their own way and how they can be managed positively in a company.

1) Basic programme: 1 hour Optimal communication, body language, strategic vocabulary, stress control, personal branding, storytelling, clothing and colour use, ...
2) If necessary supplemented with workshops (see training and skill-coachings)
3) These talks/workshops are also very suitable for students and jobseekers. (tips for exams, applications, etc.)

Speed dating
This is all Harry's cup of tea. Ensuring that all the participants get to know all the colleagues in the shortest possible time and at the same time get an impression of what is happening in other departments
To be able to manage this in a relaxed, entertaining and enjoyable way, that is completely entrusted to 'communicator pur sang' Harry!



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The artist is residing in Antwerpen

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€ 1.750,-

act price ex 21% VAT

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Artist responds normally within 4 hour.

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