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Yves Verbeeck: Workshops

Trainer/Workshop , Dance
The artist is residing in Rumst

€ 1.500

act price ex 21% VAT

Yves Verbeeck: Workshops
Yves Verbeeck: Workshops
Yves Verbeeck: Workshops
Yves Verbeeck: Workshops
Yves Verbeeck: Workshops

1 (solo) performer

Indoor and outdoor


7 hours

by mutual agreement


Daily actions, obligations and challenges... Who doesn't have them? During this workshop you will reach a deeper relaxation, and discover a great source of inner strength. Book this workshop and get acquainted with your inner strength!

Depending on the time I get, I'll explain how to create and a simple exercise so you can experience what it's all about. And you go deeper into the exercises during the workshop.

- Creating your life.
- Creating your (sports) performance.
- Creating your company turnover.

Three different themes with the same general information adapted to the theme.

In today's society, we often live in the fight-flight reaction through centuries-old customs and handed down beliefs. As a result, we experience a boost of energy and a sharpened focus on external reality. This is not constructive and we can only persevere temporarily based on character and motivation.

Recent research shows that action can also be found in the relaxation reaction. It is not a boost, but a subtle force that is always there regardless of external circumstances.

How far down the rabbithole do you want to go?
Only in the deeper relaxation do we find a great source of inner strength. We act from an inner knowledge and skill and we don't get exhausted. If from time to time the circumstances demand it, we can appeal to the fight-flight reaction. This is as nature originally anticipated.

Yves knows better than anyone how to integrate the profound principles of relaxation into an accessible exercise system.
Even in the hustle and bustle of our present time, we can integrate the experience into all daily actions, obligations and challenges.
We live from the dynamic relaxation response and act pro-actively. We create the results we desire.

As a Master of Physiotherapy (K.U.L., 1989) Yves Verbeeck (07/05/1966) followed various specializations, including relaxation therapy as well as oriental manual therapy. For more than twenty-five years he immersed himself in the healing forms of movement chi kung and tai chi. He took part in classes, workshops and private training sessions with renowned masters at home and abroad (the Netherlands, France, England and the USA).
From his years of knowledge, expertise and experience he developed the unique training concept EBT (Energetic Body Training), an accessible practice system, in which the insights and directions of the West and the East come together. Yves has his own practice where he personally guides people and gives workshops and lectures on location.

The curriculum of Yves Verbeeck.
* Lic. Physiotherapy (K.U.L. 1989), with specialisation in respiratory rehabilitation
* Master in relaxation therapy and stress counselling, 1992 (IRSK)
* Oriental manual therapy (tuina), 1994 (OTCG)
* Golden Flower tai chi instructor, 1995 (GFTCS)
* Regeneration therapy, 1997 (IRS)
* Numerous workshops at home and abroad and many hours of private training
* Literally thousands of hours of own training
* 30 years working in own practice/centre as Energetic Movement Coach
* 27 years tai chi experience, 22 years teaching experience
* Apprentice of Master M. Martello, 2009
* Author of the book 'Power in relaxation, the way of tai chi' (published by Yin Books 2010)
* Author of the book 'Insights of a gentle warrior', M. Martello Laoshi (own management 2011)
* Author of the book 'Live Relaxed Full of Energy' (own management 2013)
* Pupil of Carl Bruyndonckx (Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan)
* Author of the book 'Tune in en stroom' (published by Paris Books 2019)

Workshop: 1 day (7 hours): 1500 euro
Travel costs at 0.3456 euro per kilometre

Feel free to ask about the possibilities.



Hire or book Yves Verbeeck: Workshops is best done here via Showbird.
The artist is residing in Rumst

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€ 1.500,-

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Artist responds normally within 4 hour.

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