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Bellypaint for baby shower

Artist , Painter
(1 review)
The artist is residing in Alkmaar

€ 150

act price ex 9% VAT

Bellypaint for baby shower
Bellypaint for baby shower
Bellypaint for baby shower
Bellypaint for baby shower
Bellypaint for baby shower

1 (solo) performer



2,5 hours

Comfortable posture from time to time


A nice experience to have your belly decorated with your own design
A bellypaint is a painting on your pregnant belly. This can be done from the 30th week of your pregnancy, because then your belly will be nicely round. The bellypainting can take all sorts of shapes and sizes: it can be a painting of your own imagination, a collage with flowers, the name of your baby, the birth announcement card, a detail from the baby's room... Almost anything is possible! In mutual consultation, we always come up with something beautiful. Often we search on google for a beautiful specimen. But how nice is it not to design one yourself. Send me your keywords, pictures and ideas and I'll make a drawing for you. Together we will develop an original paint.

During your party, I'm going to paint with skin-friendly paint
Make sure you're wearing a little easy clothing that can be easily pushed up/down. To avoid annoying straps of tight clothing in your bellypaint, I advise you not to wear tight clothing in that area of your body until 2 hours before the bellypainting.

On the day of the bellypaint, do not apply cream/oil or similar on your belly. The makeup won't stay on your belly as well and your belly paint will become less beautiful.

Photoshoot Once the paint has been applied, the photographer (optionally) takes a number of photos of the final result. These photos can then be used on the birth announcement card, in the scrapbook, on the wall or for a poster. For the photos it is often best to put on plain black or plain white clothing because this gives a nice calm image. This also applies to your partner if he or she is going to be photographed, so keep that in mind a bit, and bring him an extra shirt if necessary.

The makeup I use for the bellypaint is the same for young children to make up. This makeup does not contain any harmful substances for you or your baby and can be easily removed with soft soap and water after the bellypainting. If you use hot water the pigment will pull into the pores. However, some colours contain a strong colour pigment and may leave a trace of colour on the skin after washing it off with water (and possibly soap). This is absolutely not harmful. Sleeping on the skin overnight with makeup is also not a problem!


Door 1 klant beoordeeld met een score van 10


, Laura


Very good

Very beautiful and creative face paint for the children

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The artist is residing in Alkmaar

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Artist responds normally within 0 hour.

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