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Artist Hengelo  (Overijssel)(NL) Speed artist / Caricaturist Thijs

Speed artist / Caricaturist Thijs

Artist, draftsman

Thijs has over 13 years of experience with quick drawing with only satisfied customers! Give your guests a nice souvenir in the form of a caricature drawing. With great enthusiasm Thijs draws an average of 12 people per hour. Drawings that...

€ 450,-

Artist Cuijk  (NL) Beer mats illustrator

Beer mats illustrator

Artist, draftsman

Super fast and atmospheric caricatures on a beer mat.

€ 650,-

Artist Arnhem  (NL) Erik Elsas speed artist caricaturist

Erik Elsas speed artist caricaturist

Artist, draftsman

With an accurate hand, directly in ink and without a sketch, he makes a very similar caricature in a few minutes. For the bystanders it is fascinating to see how out of a few lines that seem to represent nothing, the drawn person suddenly...

€ 566,-

Artist Pijnacker  (NL) Caricaturist / Speed artist Gerard
Showbird's choice

Caricaturist / Speed artist Gerard

Artist, draftsman

I enjoy drawing caricatures at parties and gatherings. I draw on paper (firm A3) in colour and possibly on beer mats that can be printed on the other side with your logo or text. Time per drawing: approx. 6 minutes.

€ 350,-

Artist Hilversum  (NL) Live Party Paintings

Live Party Paintings

Artist, painter

Do you have a wedding, family party, company party or a special dinner? In short, will you soon have a memorable day that you want to capture in an original way? I capture this event live on canvas!

€ 950,-

Artist Leuven  (BE) Caricaturist Marín
Showbird's choice

Caricaturist Marín

Artist, draftsman

Are you looking for original animation for your party or event? I will come to your party or event to draw caricatures of your guests or visitors!

€ 285,-

Artist Haarlem  (NL) An English caricaturist in Haarlem!

An English caricaturist in Haarlem!

Artist, draftsman

I'm Mark, an English caricaturist, now living in Haarlem and available to draw at weddings, parties and events.

€ 330,-

Artist Amsterdam  (NL) Quick drawing caricaturist Jeroen

Quick drawing caricaturist Jeroen

Artist, draftsman

With quick drawing artist Jeroen you get a unique drawing act at your event where your guests get an original and unique memory of it.

€ 585,-

Artist Apeldoorn  (NL) Draw quick portraits

Draw quick portraits

Artist, draftsman

In 10 minutes time a well resembling portrait on paper with pencil, ink or waterproof pencil.

€ 450,-

Artist Amsterdam  (NL) Quick Drawer Portraits

Quick Drawer Portraits

Artist, draftsman

Rapid and colourful: on prepared paper, Koes makes similar sketches of still but also moving people within 3-5 minutes. Real works of art!

€ 480,-

Artist Haarlem  (NL) Quick sketch artist Herman

Quick sketch artist Herman

Artist, draftsman

What makes me truly unique is that I can incorporate your personal jokes into each drawing. Whether it is an inside joke or just a playful nod to someone's personality, I make sure that every caricature will be a unique and laugh-out-loud...

€ 350,-

Artist Maldegem  (BE) Caricaturist - Marc De Roo
Showbird's choice

Caricaturist - Marc De Roo

Artist, draftsman

A picture says more than a thousand words, but a caricature might say more! Provide a memento of your event that your guests will talk about for a long time with the caricatures of Marc De Roo!

€ 498,-

Artist Scheemda  (NL) Speed sketch artist Reinoud Bekkema

Speed sketch artist Reinoud Bekkema

Artist, draftsman

Reinoud has been drawing for as long as he can remember. It is his talent, a talent he has made his profession out of. Reinoud is a quick drawer who can draw a black and white caricature within 6 minutes. And within 9 minutes a color...

€ 250,-

Artist Aarle Rixtel  (NL) Karikatuur - Duo-act op Bierviltjes

Karikatuur - Duo-act op Bierviltjes

Artist, draftsman

Tekenen op bierviltjes, een mobiele, snelle en luchtige vorm van entertainment op klein formaat!

€ 1.400,-

Artist Cuijk  (NL) 3D caricatures

3D caricatures

Artist, draftsman

Unique: Caricatural clay heads, made live from your guests in just twenty minutes

€ 613,-

Artist Waalre  (NL) Caricaturist-Quick-Drawer Wil

Caricaturist-Quick-Drawer Wil

Artist, draftsman

Super fast, apt and never offensive, always ready while you laugh! BIERVILTES, PAPER OR DIGITAL on your wedding, (company) party, fair, exhibition, drink or brainstorming session

€ 566,-


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