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Trainer/Workshop , Cabaret
The artist is residing in Leuven

€ 390

act price ex 21% VAT


2 (duo) performers



3 hours

Playing surface: 6m wide, 4m deep, 2m fr


With this workshop Collectief Ablatief brings people closer to their talents, fascinations and dreams and we want to give them the confidence to make their choices in life based on those talents, fascinations and dreams.

"There are many questions that regularly dance through my head: how do you find meaning and direction in a world that pulls you apart in all directions? Can you consider your weaknesses as indicators on your path? How do you learn to listen to your only, own voice? Both with our workshop and with the performance "Until we coincide" we hope to take people to a quiet place to watch us and each other's lives as spectators. Just stand on the brake, and then take control of the steering wheel again"

The music narrative 'Until we coincide' will be linked to this workshop about choices / personal or professional (re)orientation / (re)discovering your own voice. For students 16+ from secondary education there is a standard school workshop that zooms in on the theme of study choice. By means of exercises / testimonials / videos / group discussions / ... young people are stimulated to make choices from within themselves, based on their talents, values, frustrations and personal background. In addition, Collectief Ablatief also offers tailor-made workshops on demand, tailored to the age and background of the target group in question. Reducing the increasing number of burn-outs, depressions, bore-outs, illnesses,... is the main objective of all workshops.

This performance will be given by Collectief Ablatief. This is a collaboration starting from SEBASTIAAN SIMOENS and INE VERHAERT. Summer 2017. Ine has words, Sebastian music. They both have the same dream. From a dream comes a musical narrative, from a musical narrative comes a collective. THEN YPERMAN joins as business leader, JASPER DE RIDDER becomes graphic house designer. A duo grows into a brotherhood of driven people with a shared vision for the future. A future of more awareness, vulnerability, and passion.

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Music theatre, Theatre, drama, drama, emotional, cabaret, music performance, training, workshop, choices, burnout, prevention,



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The artist is residing in Leuven

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€ 390,-

act price ex 21% VAT

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Doe een vrijblijvende aanvraag


Artist responds normally within 5 hour.

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