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Workshop Hand-reading

Trainer/Workshop , Magic
The artist is residing in Groningen

€ 329

act price ex 21% VAT

Workshop Hand-reading
Workshop Hand-reading
Workshop Hand-reading
Workshop Hand-reading

1 (solo) performer

Indoor and outdoor


2 hours



During this workshop you will learn everything about reading hands. A lot of information can be obtained from the hands and you will discover a lot of differences. Book the Hand Reading Workshop on ShowBird now!

Are you looking for a fun group activity for a team outing, bachelor party, girlfriend day, birthday party, sisters day? A workshop handheld reading by fortune teller Samiera is the solution! This interesting hand reading workshop can take place at Handreaderes Samiera's home in Groningen or anywhere in the Netherlands, e.g. in your living room, in a cafe, in the sports canteen, etc.

The 3 main hand lines : heart line, main line, life line
Using images and pictures Samiera explains which lines can be found in your hands. In each palm there is a heart line, main line and life line. These hand lines can be long or short, straight or curved, deep or less deep.
They can spring from different places in the palm of your hand. Look into your own hand and discover how these lines run in your hand
You may also see some secondary lines, such as the Apollo line or the Mercury line.

Which hand are we going to read: right hand or left hand?
A hand reader always reads the active or dominant hand. If you are right you read your right hand, if you are left you read your left hand. Your dominant hand is about your current personality, the present time. Your other hand is your passive hand, that hand says something about your past or how you used to be.

Compare right hand and left hand
However, it is important in the field of handcrafting to take a look at both hands at the beginning of the hand reading. You are born with two equal hands. Both hands may change over time, but your active hand will change faster than your passive hand, so there may be some interesting differences to discover. These differences may indicate changes in your personality.



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The artist is residing in Groningen

€ 329,-

act price ex 21% VAT

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