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Syllables: Poetry, Massage & Music.

Event show , Intermezzo
The artist is residing in Haarlem

€ 250

act price ex 9% VAT

Syllables: Poetry, Massage & Music.
Syllables: Poetry, Massage & Music.

2 (duo) performers

Indoor and outdoor

Event show

1 hour

At least 2 square meters of space


- Do you want to impress your guests with a unique experience at your party?
- Are you looking for an inspiring experience for your event, workshop or congress?
- Are you looking for a relaxed and artistic performance act for your festival?

Take a seat on the chair, put on headphones and escape from reality for a moment with Syllable handles.

Let yourself be transported on a journey where relaxation and artistry will embrace each other. Close your eyes and discover a world where imagination is guided by touch, words in a whole new dimension for body, mind and ears. What does that world look like? That is up to you. Welcome to Syllables: A massage based on poetry

We take you on a trip where various senses are stimulated through massage, poetry and music. In advance you decide where the letters will take you. A fast poet will take care of your words while you are literally taken care of by a professional masseur. And once you are completely relaxed and sitting on the chair, the music will gradually take you into your subconscious, to the essence of your soul. Subsequently, more and more sentences will seep in that will bring recognition, recognition and amazement. Eventually body and mind will be one with words, sounds and touch. You are literally and figuratively understood....

Some Comments
- "Wow! What a trip, place and time were gone for a while!
- "Massages I already knew, but the combination with poetry is totally new to me, Top experience!"
- Totally awesome! This is a new way of spacing that I've never experienced before."

The price for Syllables is €250,- for one hour, but can easily be extended to several hours. The only thing the location needs to arrange itself is a power point and a table.



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The artist is residing in Haarlem

€ 250,-

act price ex 9% VAT

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