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Foam Party

Event show , Themed evening
The artist is residing in Minnertsga

€ 360

Foam Party
Foam Party
Foam Party
Foam Party
Foam Party
Foam Party
Foam Party

multiple performers


Event show

2,5 hours



Organise your own foam party in your garden, at the campsite or at your sports club! Dance under the foam showers with your friends in summer!

What's a Foam Party?
For one, something totally unknown, for the other known from camping, exam stunt or disco: The Foam Party! A foam machine can be placed anywhere. Throughout the Netherlands we provide foam parties in both indoor and outdoor pools. While indoor pools often choose to use the target group pool (with the bottom completely up), outdoor pools often use the catering terrace or sunbathing area. During a foam party we spray huge amounts of foam over the visitors. On the basis of the various foam machines we use, we can determine together with you which one is most suitable for your special event. The different foaming machines are described below.

Price variation:
Rental foam machine Medium € 360 ex vat
Rental Foam machine Big € 420 ex vat
Rental Foam machine STRONG € 385 ex VAT

The prices are the rental prices of the machines, including 1 jerry can of liquid
For the foam showers this is for about 2 hours (roughly). The liquid at the foam cannon goes through a bit harder, count on a jerrycan per hour. Furthermore of course including all accessories such as hoses, pumps, IBC drums etc etc.

The consumption of liquid is reasonably tailor-made, and depends on the surface (grass sucks everything up, so more is needed), on the weather, on the audience and of course on the customer's budget. I do foam parties where the customer wants me to distribute 1 barrel of foam mix over 3 hours. I also do foam parties on for example festivals where 5 to 10 tanks are blown through.

Extra liquid for the foam showers costs € 105 per jerrycan
Extra liquid for the foam cannon costs € 82.50 per jerry can

We always take extra liquid with us; you can buy that in consultation with us. (Think for example of a foam party that lasts 2 or 3 hours or longer, or at locations where a lot of foam is really needed.

Operation of our MBN Foam Machines
To produce the foam an electro pump is used which transports the foam to the foaming machine. In principle, the foam machine does nothing else than atomize the foam. This is done together with a huge powerful blower, which "squeezes" the atomized foam through a mesh cloth. An important point during a foam party is safety. We only use approved liquid, which is made with water. This means, among other things, no irritation of the eyes and respiratory tract. For the safety in the room there are also some important things to think about. Power sockets, for example, must be taped off, and of course power boxes must never be on the floor. Furthermore, it is advisable NOT to use glasses on such an evening, as you will not see them lying on the ground, which can be dangerous.

Operation of our Strong Foam Cannons
The Strong foam gun is the easiest to install foam machine we have. The entire machine stands on wheels and is therefore easy to move. Connecting the machine is also super easy, because all you have to do is click a garden hose with gardena coupling on it. The machine itself controls the mixing ratio water - foam.
This cannon sprays the foam about 7-8 meters ahead. When placed outside, always take the wind into account: Never spray against the wind!

Responsible use Foaming machines
Our foam is harmless to humans, animals and the environment.
We only use approved certified foam. This foam is produced in the Netherlands and therefore meets the highest safety requirements. Keep this in mind when choosing where to rent a foam machine, because who wants a fun evening with a foam party, and wake up the next morning with burning eyes? With us, you will never be bothered by that.

What does a Foam Party cost
A foam party can be as crazy as you want it to be. With the MBN foam showers you get 1000 liters of foam mix from us, with the Strong foam cannon you get 1.5 jerry can of concentrate. Of course we always have several spare jerry cans of foam liquid with us. In consultation with you, this will be provided, should we already have it. It all depends on how crazy you want it to be. It goes without saying that for a large space you consume a lot more foam than for a small space. The consumption at an outdoor foam party is also considerably higher than in a hall.



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The artist is residing in Minnertsga

€ 360,-

act price ex 21% VAT

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