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Teams on Track

Trainer/Workshop , Music
The artist is residing in Alkmaar

€ 1.600

act price ex 21% VAT

Teams on Track
Teams on Track
Teams on Track
Teams on Track
Teams on Track
Teams on Track

2 (duo) performers



4 hours

Room about the size of a classroom. Trai


The Training "Teams on Track" deals with 'cooperation'. By looking at how people work together in pop groups such as Doe Maar, The Eagles, Anouk and Di-rect, we can look at our own cooperation in a team in a different way

Trainer Ron Tromp graduated from the Conservatoire. Trainer Ko van Gorsel is a political scientist, sociologist and mediator. It will be clear that differences are needed in pop groups: after all, we can't all be the drummer. At the same time, these differences usually give rise to conflicts and irritations. How do you deal with that? How do you keep yourself up in such conflicts? And how do you prevent many of the irritations?

Central is the proposition that good cooperation in a team is much more about 'attitude' than 'technique'. Being interested in the other person, discovering the power of your own vulnerability, and daring to be open to the other person are key concepts in the training.

The training Teams on Track is both 'learning' and 'doing'. The theory is alternated with actually forming a pop group with each other. No musical experience is needed for this!

Parts workshop teambuilding
- Why do we do what we do? What's our motive?
- Is your motivation in line with the needs of the team?
- We're not all the same. Does that bother you? Or do you use each other's differences?
- How do you talk and negotiate with each other?

Theory workshop musical teambuilding
The theoretical side of the teambuilding workshop has a practical interpretation. It is not a social science course, but useful tips will be given and skills will be learned that originate from social science. A number of theories are dealt with and e.g. a number of mediation techniques are taught

In the teambuilding training you will be challenged in a relaxing way to look at your own functioning and that of your colleagues
Teams on Track offers a musical teambuilding training which, besides a lot of laughter and sociability, is also very instructive.



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The artist is residing in Alkmaar

€ 1.600,-

act price ex 21% VAT

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