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Accordionist Haarlem  (NL) Accordionist Robin El-Hage

Accordionist Robin El-Hage


Robin El-Hage is an accordionist with a lot of experience. Because of his broad repertoire he can always adapt to your event. Book this top accordionist now at ShowBird!

€ 285,-

Accordionist Amsterdam  (NL) Accordionist René Trok

Accordionist René Trok


Rene Trok is an Amsterdam accordionist who arranges a party wherever he passes by. His musical talent brings a smile to the faces of his audience. Book Rene now via ShowBird!

€ 275,-

Accordionist Amsterdam  (NL) Harry Lakenman Accordeonist

Harry Lakenman Accordeonist


Hoi! Ik ben Har en met mijn accordeon ben ik die wandelende feestelijke muziekdoos die je net zocht. Als ik erbij ben is je feest een feest. Ik bespeel het accordeon (jawel, HET accordeon!) al vanaf mijn 35e, dus da's nog niet zo gek lang...

€ 230,-

Musician other Amsterdam  (NL) The Italian Troubadour

The Italian Troubadour

Musician other

The Italian Troubadour Angelo got the music from his homeland. With his guitar he brings La Bella Italia to your event. Because of his years of experience at parties and events, Angelo understands the profession of entertainer like no...

€ 400,-

Accordionist Amsterdam  (NL) Toni Accordion

Toni Accordion


Toni Accordeoni always strikes the right tone! With his experience and versatile repertoire he knows how to cheer up every occasion with his accordion.

€ 200,-

Singer (male) Amsterdam  (NL) Musician Angelo The Godfather

Musician Angelo The Godfather

Singer (male), jazz

This multi-instrumentalist is also a unique singing talent. Because of his years of experience at parties and events, Angelo understands the profession of entertainer like no other. He sings and accompanies himself on guitar, accordion,...

€ 550,-

Accordionist Amsterdam  (NL) Accordionist Piet Schmidt

Accordionist Piet Schmidt


Piet is known for his authentic interpretation of the French Musette. He also plays beautiful Argentinean tangos of piazzola but also the famous ones of the Malando orchestra. Piet has a very varied repotoire.

€ 250,-

Accordionist Amsterdam  (NL) Accordionist Gijs Leegwater

Accordionist Gijs Leegwater


I fell in love with the accordion a few years ago, and since then I have been playing as often as possible in many different places. The accordion is a very versatile instrument, and can create atmosphere in any place and on any occasion.

€ 195,-

Actor Amsterdam  (NL) Singing Ice Cream Man Angelo

Singing Ice Cream Man Angelo

Actor, character

The Singing Ice Cream Man is not just any ice cream man. He combines the most beautiful of two worlds. Angelo is an all-round musician/singer who has combined his impressive talents with his passion for ice cream. This multi-talented...

€ 400,-

Singer (female) Amsterdam  (NL) Kleinkunstenaar Cato Fluitsma

Kleinkunstenaar Cato Fluitsma

Singer (female), other

Cato Fluitsma weet op een zeer humoristische wijze de juiste toon te raken! Al zingend begeleid ze zichzelf met haar accordeon om heel het publiek mee te krijgen. Cato weet als geen ander jong en oud te vermaken!

€ 600,-

Accordionist Haarlem  (NL) Musical Santa Claus Gerard

Musical Santa Claus Gerard


This musical Santa Claus plays carols from all regions on his accordion. Gerard is a real accordionist at heart. With a lot of knowledge and experience in the field he knows how to play the most beautiful sounds. Perfect to give your event...

€ 200,-

Accordionist Haarlem  (NL) Accordeonist Gerard Bosman

Accordeonist Gerard Bosman


Gerard is een echte accordeonist in hart en nieren. Met veel kennis en ervaring in het vak weet hij de mooiste klanken te spelen. Perfect om je evenement of partij die Hollandse sfeer te geven!

€ 200,-

Accordionist Haarlem  (NL) Accordionist Paul Meijaard

Accordionist Paul Meijaard


Accordionist/Singer/Entertainer for every occasion. Also as a tape act as a Singer (Dutch/English repertoire) Seniors show as well Also as Musical Santa with accordion or Musical Black Pete with accordion

€ 495,-

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