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Trompettist Mijdrecht  (NL) Diederik Ruisch (Trumpeter)

Diederik Ruisch (Trumpeter)


This enthusiastic trumpeter brings all the audience into the party mood with his infectious energy and charisma! No event is too crazy, book him now on Showbird!

€ 275,-

Trompettist Uden  (NL) Mr Trumpet

Mr Trumpet


A DJ and a trumpet player is a surprising live sensation for your party! With his refreshing trumpet, Mr Trumpet is a nice addition to your booked DJ. He also collaborates with a number of regular DJ's that you can book in combination...

€ 175,-

Trompettist Den Haag  (NL) Max Greens - Trumpeter

Max Greens - Trumpeter


Trumpeter for every occasion. Reliable, clear communication and likes to think along with you. Have you booked a DJ but would you like to have a live trumpet player with you? That's possible too! Max can play any genre!

€ 250,-

Trompettist 's Gravenhage  (NL) Serenade during Corona

Serenade during Corona


Do you want to encourage someone in these bizarre circumstances? Or perhaps congratulate them? Then you've come to the right place with Ronald. A coronaproof Serenade for people who deserve it. You're booking it now on ShowBird.

€ 100,-

Trompettist Den Haag  (NL) Matthijs Falconry Trumpeter

Matthijs Falconry Trumpeter


Matthijs is the professional artist for (choir) concerts, weddings, a party or funeral. Are you looking for a trumpeter for a special occasion? Then Matthijs is the ideal trumpet player!

€ 150,-

Trompettist Leersum  (NL) Heralds trumpeter

Heralds trumpeter


Go back in time of chivalry and book a real Herald trumpeter. This herald can be booked for any kind of party-opening or event.

€ 375,-

Trompettist Voorburg  (NL) Trumpeter for wedding or funeral

Trumpeter for wedding or funeral


Classically trained trumpeter for your wedding (e.g. Handel, Purcell, Telemann) or funeral (signal 'Tattoo').

€ 250,-

Trompettist 's Gravenhage  (NL) Trumpeter Ronald Arkesteijn

Trumpeter Ronald Arkesteijn


All-round trumpet player, usable in various styles. Alone, as an addition to an existing band or with a complete horn section, I give your band just that little bit extra at big and small events. I can read vista and write out the horn...

€ 230,-

Trompettist Utrecht  (NL) Tessa van Genderen (solo)

Tessa van Genderen (solo)


Tessa is a classically trained trumpet player and has many special performances to her name. Are you looking for a solo trumpet performance, an addition to an already existing programming or maybe you want to give someone a trumpet lesson...

€ 200,-

Trompettist Haaksbergen  (NL) Gert Ekkelboom Trumpeter

Gert Ekkelboom Trumpeter


Gert Ekkelboom is a born entertainer and will do everything to entertain your guests. Your party won't be a party until "Gert Ekkelboom" is there! Book Gert now via ShowBird.

€ 495,-

Trompettist Leersum  (NL) Schlager trumpeter Gerard

Schlager trumpeter Gerard


Trumpeter Gerard is an all-round trumpet player for every kind of occasion and known at home and abroad! For many, Gerard de Andre Rieu is on trumpet. Watch his act now on Showbird!

€ 625,-

Trompettist Doornspijk  (NL) Arjan & Edith Post trumpeters duo

Arjan & Edith Post trumpeters duo


Over the years, the two trumpeters have grown into a high-profile and versatile trumpeter duo. The professional duo has a broad repertoire and is suitable for various occasions.

€ 500,-

Trompettist Rotterdam  (NL) Latin and more by Michael Simon -Trumpet

Latin and more by Michael Simon -Trumpet


Over the years Micheal has grown into a versatile musician and is particularly at home in Jazz and Latin music. A fantastic technique combined with his unprecedented passion results in beautiful music. Great to listen to; perfect to dance...

€ 275,-

Trompettist Vlaardingen  (NL) Koos van der Hout (Trumpeter)

Koos van der Hout (Trumpeter)


Musical centipede Koos van der Hout, makes every event a success. With his unique style and extensive experience, Koos is a sought-after trumpeter. Book him now via Showbird!

€ 250,-

Trompettist Leersum  (NL) Brass trumpeter

Brass trumpeter


Gerard is a professional trumpet player who can brighten up your party with his trumpet sounds and he also sings an occasional song, it is very suitable for:

€ 475,-

Trompettist Deventer  (NL) Jazz Moods

Jazz Moods


Live Jazz at your wedding, party or reception? Jazz Moods provides the ultimate jazz experience at your wedding, party or reception. Our jazz trio is all about atmosphere and quality. No complicated jazz, but beautiful accessible music...

€ 750,-

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