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16 items found
Trainer/Workshop Asten  (NL) Balloon Folding Workshop

Balloon Folding Workshop

Trainer/Workshop, arts

Always wanted to make a balloon dog, butterfly or flower Rolando will teach you the basics in a 2 hour workshop. With an online course on his own YouTube channel with more than 260 videos.

€ 275,-

Trainer/Workshop Soerendonk  (NL) Workshop TONPRATES


Trainer/Workshop, cabaret

That's a laugh with that Brabander! A morning of tonguing with colleagues or friends. A workshop in which you learn and experience all kinds of things in the field of prank making. How does barrel talking work and what can you do with it?

€ 450,-

Trainer/Workshop Veldhoven  (NL) Workshop Illusionism

Workshop Illusionism

Trainer/Workshop, magic

Always wanted to know how Hans Klok makes his assistant appear and pierces her with plates and tubes? Or how the magician makes exactly that card appear that you had chosen? This workshop not only teaches you the secret, but you will also...

€ 750,-

Trainer/Workshop Eindhoven  (NL) Juggling and/or Diaboloing Workshop

Juggling and/or Diaboloing Workshop

Trainer/Workshop, spectacle

A fun workshop in which you will learn to juggle with 3 balls.

€ 150,-

Trainer/Workshop Veldhoven  (NL) Workshop Balloon Folding

Workshop Balloon Folding

Trainer/Workshop, arts

In this balloon folding workshop you will learn all the ins and outs of making balloon figures! At the end you will go home with a homemade balloon figure! A fun and original workshop!

€ 350,-

Trainer/Workshop Eindhoven  (NL) Try out circus

Try out circus

Trainer/Workshop, spectacle

Get acquainted with the various circus disciplines under the guidance of two experienced circus teachers.

€ 495,-

Trainer/Workshop Veldhoven  (NL) Davinti: Magic Workshop

Davinti: Magic Workshop

Trainer/Workshop, magic

Under the guidance of magician Davinti, the participants in this workshop learn a number of very fun and useful magic tricks. Not only an instructive, but above all an entertaining workshop!

€ 350,-

Trainer/Workshop Soerendonk  (NL) WORKSHOP Comedy


Trainer/Workshop, cabaret

That's a laugh with that Brabander! A morning comedy with colleagues or friends. A workshop in which you learn and experience all kinds of jokes. How does comedy work and what can you do with it? In a morning or an afternoon you have...

€ 450,-

Trainer/Workshop Eindhoven  (NL) Burlesque Workshop for beginners

Burlesque Workshop for beginners

Trainer/Workshop, dance

In this exciting workshop you will get acquainted with the basics of Burlesque dance! Book this act now via ShowBird.

€ 226,-

Trainer/Workshop Oirschot  (NL) Leo Smetsers: Workshops and Masterclasses

Leo Smetsers: Workshops and Masterclasses

Trainer/Workshop, magic

Leo is also available to teach individual and small groups who want to juggle!

€ 542,-

Trainer/Workshop Eindhoven  (NL) DJ Battle

DJ Battle

Trainer/Workshop, music

DJ Battle is an activity for boys and girls from 5 to 15 years old. The youth mixes as a real DJ for themselves on the headphones, so accessible, challenging and safe at the same time! DJ Battle is a success at every event!

€ 595,-

Trainer/Workshop Eindhoven  (NL) Rio Samba Workshop

Rio Samba Workshop

Trainer/Workshop, dance

Make sure you and your colleagues, friends or family have a fun outing with this Rio Samba workshop! This workshop will introduce you to this energetic dance style. In short, a fantastic experience.

€ 226,-

Trainer/Workshop Eindhoven  (NL) Gypsy dance

Gypsy dance

Trainer/Workshop, dance

Meet the Gipsy Dance Workshop! In this workshop the basics of the Gipsy dance will be taught to you and your friends / colleagues / acquaintances in a fun way. Book this act now via ShowBird!

€ 226,-

Trainer/Workshop Eindhoven  (NL) Music Maker

Music Maker

Trainer/Workshop, music

In this music experience boys and girls can 'produce' music themselves on a scratchbox. With 700 different beats, 150 scratch possibilities and LIVE effects you can see that children will be surprised. A success at every event!

€ 695,-

Trainer/Workshop Son  (NL) Jos Schings | Basic Lessons / Clinics

Jos Schings | Basic Lessons / Clinics

Trainer/Workshop, magic

Anyone can learn to juggle. Jos provides basic lessons for beginning magicians to a maximum of 4 people. One learns the basics of magic in a relaxing and fun way!

€ 375,-

Trainer/Workshop Valkenswaard  (NL) Burlesque & Chaire Dance Workshop

Burlesque & Chaire Dance Workshop

Trainer/Workshop, dance

Book Eva van Zeeland 'Miss Natural' for a workshop "Show Girl, Burlesque & Chair Dance" at your own location. Fantastic for a women's birthday party, bachelorette party or girlfriends night out.

€ 170,-

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