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Band Bergen op Zoom  (NL) GetBrassed!


Band, jazz

GetBrassed! emphasizes a balanced repertoire that is recognizable by both young and midlife crisis audiences. Songs are selected on characteristics such as danceable, rough, well-known and hardcore brass.

€ 850,-

Orchestra  Orchestra K&V Zoetermeer

Orchestra K&V Zoetermeer

Orchestra, drum band

Modern entertainment music for your event? e.g. festive events, commemorations, company parties, Christmas drinks or Christmas markets. Book us in time so that we can perform on your occasion! This orchestra from Zoetermeer is very diverse...

€ 675,-

Orchestra Nieuwegein  (NL) Christmas band

Christmas band

Orchestra, drum band

Of all the Christmas markets at home! This bombastic Christmas band parades through your shopping area, complete with beards and instruments

€ 749,-

Orchestra Merchtem  (BE) Tattoo


Orchestra, drum band

A spectacle for young and old! In the modern version, a tattoo is a musical show in a parade. It is slightly shorter but more powerful. This tattoo act consists of no less than 100 artists! And fun for every party or event inside and...

€ 2.739,-

Orchestra Heeg  (NL) Mop Orchestra De Dekdweilers

Mop Orchestra De Dekdweilers

Orchestra, drum band

This mop orchestra consists of a young and enthusiastic group of musicians. Everywhere they go they bring the atmosphere with them. Book now the Dweilorkest De Dekdweilers on ShowBird!

€ 613,-

Orchestra Nijmegen  (NL) Party with The RotDweilers!

Party with The RotDweilers!

Orchestra, drum band

The RotDweilers are a mop orchestra from Bemmel. In their beautiful blue suits and on their dazzling golden shoes they turn every performance into a big party! Whether they're playing on a mop day, Christmas market or Uncle Henk's...

€ 472,-

Orchestra Lelystad  (NL) The falconer's mop orchestra

The falconer's mop orchestra

Orchestra, drum band

If the falconer's orchestra is there, it's the party!!! Our Dweilorkest can be used for many occasions and events. Think for example of a 50th birthday, fair, official opening, Parade, Sinterklaas, Christmas, Easter, Carnival and so...

€ 801,-

Orchestra Emmen  (NL) Mop Orchestra Dinges Emmen

Mop Orchestra Dinges Emmen

Orchestra, drum band

This enthusiastic mop orchestra from Emmen (Drenthe) turns it into a party everywhere. Thanks to their extensive repertoire, they can adapt to anything. Dweilorkest Dinges always brings the party to you! Book now Dweilorkest Dinges on...

€ 200,-

Orchestra Santpoort-noord  (NL) silent orchestra

silent orchestra "Soloists, The Old Glory"

Orchestra, drum band

The word Soloists stands for Stil-Orkest, Ludiek and Innovatief. A silent orchestra, because not a single note is played Funny, because it creates confusion with their complete outfit of a marching orchestra, their presentation as real...

€ 259,-

Orchestra Arnhem  (NL) The Klapband

The Klapband

Orchestra, drum band

The Klapband is a party band of music association Crescendo Elden-Arnhem. It consists of 22 enthusiastic musicians and its main goal is to make good music and build a party!

€ 565,-

Orchestra Rotterdam  (NL) Deltaband Vlissingen

Deltaband Vlissingen

Orchestra, drum band

Deltaband Vlissingen is the ideal addition to your party. In the fanfare category, the Delta Band is a must-have. With an astonishing repertoire, they blow you away literally and figuratively, so book them at ShowBird.

from € 707,- from

Orchestra Rotterdam  (NL) Harmony Orchestra 'Ons Genoegen' (Our Pleasure)

Harmony Orchestra 'Ons Genoegen' (Our Pleasure)

Orchestra, drum band

A power performance, that's this orchestra. With the line-up of a symphonic wind orchestra they literally blow you away. The orchestra brings a large repertoire to transform your party into an unforgettable experience, so book them now at...

from € 400,- from

Orchestra Rotterdam  (NL) The Marching Band: The Dikke Nekke band

The Marching Band: The Dikke Nekke band

Orchestra, drum band

The Dikke Nekke band equals a performance you'll never forget. The band is dressed in costume and can perform at any kind of party. You can book them now at ShowBird!

from € 500,- from

Orchestra Roden  (NL) Mop band De Post Its Groningen

Mop band De Post Its Groningen

Orchestra, drum band

We are the Feest- en Dweilband 'De Post Its' from Groningen. We originated in 2011 from the music association 'Gruno's Postharmonie Groningen'. The band performs at parties, markets, festivals and large events.

€ 472,-

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