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Band Amsterdam  (NL) Caribbean Brass Band Ritmo Entertainment
Golden tip

Caribbean Brass Band Ritmo Entertainment

Band, party

Make your party complete! With an average of 20 engagements per month, we are the most booked Caribbean brass band in the Netherlands.

€ 850,-

Percussionist Amsterdam  (NL) Caribbean Brass Band Percussion Workshop

Caribbean Brass Band Percussion Workshop


Ritmo also provides interactive workshops and teambuilders from 10 persons and up This can be done with amongst others djembés, bucket drumming and Caribbean drums The workshops are given at 2 locations: Zaandam and Amsterdam...

€ 550,-

Percussionist Rotterdam  (NL) ✦ Percussionist Danny Eduard ✦

✦ Percussionist Danny Eduard ✦


Besides many private parties, companies such as Robeco, Booking∙com, Nike, Scheepvaartmuseum, Coosto and even the Royal House have already preceded you. They brought Danny to their event! As a solo percussionist, in collaboration with...

€ 1.100,-

Band Amsterdam  (NL) Caribbean Brass Band

Caribbean Brass Band


Our dynamic percussion group turns every party or event into a true spectacle. While the music definitely makes you and your guests dance, the festive atmosphere of our Brazilian brass band provides sensation and entertainment. They pay a...

€ 880,-

Percussionist Den Haag  (NL) Percussion United

Percussion United


These energetic percussionists join forces and create an even more spectacular show at your party and/or event!

€ 1.000,-

Percussionist Rotterdam  (NL) La Negra Brass Band

La Negra Brass Band


With a performance of La Negra Brassband you can expect different authentic Caribbean sounds. They play music genres like Batchata and Merengue but also bubbling and hip hop songs!

€ 550,-

Percussionist Amsterdam  (NL) Steelband Solo

Steelband Solo


A perfect way to impress your guests! The saucepan, which is a traditional musical instrument from Trinidad and Tombago, gives a unique bass. While you can literally feel the bass, it will make your heart beat even faster.

€ 750,-

Percussionist Den Haag  (NL) Percussionist Longfield Percussion

Percussionist Longfield Percussion


Cliff is an energetic and experienced percussionist with swinging beats and wonderful rhythms that provides spectacle every time.

€ 550,-

Percussionist Houten  (NL) Percussionist Jeronimo

Percussionist Jeronimo


Experienced, versatile and energetic percussionist with extensive experience accompanying/supplementing DJs, acts and bands at corporate parties, festivals, in clubs and theater.

€ 300,-

DJ Utrecht  (NL) Drums & Beats

Drums & Beats

DJ, allround

The drums of the percussionist and the beats of the DJ... These guys play perfectly with each other and make it a splashing party!

€ 695,-

Percussionist Amersfoort  (NL) Barone di Ritmo

Barone di Ritmo


Flamboyant, agile, energetic percussionist/singer. Put him on stage and immediately experience the added value and the connection with the audience.

€ 750,-

Percussionist Den Haag  (NL) Interactive Concert

Interactive Concert


A mini concert in which the audience plays along in rhythm, harmony and melody on the world famous Boomwhackers. Melodic Percussion Instrument. Can be played from 12 persons up to 1200. DJ style, electronic music, Dance, Energy & Groove

€ 1.651,-

Percussionist Den Haag  (NL) Meditative Concert

Meditative Concert


A mini concert in which the audience dreams away and completely relaxes. Joshua Samson plays on the PanArt Hang a melodic percussion instrument supported by grooves, binaural beats and sounds. From 12 persons until 2000. LIVE experience...

€ 1.651,-

Percussionist Oss  (NL) Drum lessons for beginners

Drum lessons for beginners


Drumlessons,Drumclinic ; Experiencing and experiencing what it is like to sit behind a drumkit . And feel that you have to move with your hands and feet . Is definitely a good workout. We are going to work on technique, but also on your...

€ 35,-

Percussionist Rotterdam  (NL) Percussionist Faynel Rigters

Percussionist Faynel Rigters


An amazing drum spectacle. With which Faynel Rigters turns your event into a fantastic party with his cool drum beats and swinging dance moves!

€ 450,-

Percussionist Zaandijk  (NL) Heiko Dijker

Heiko Dijker


Amsterdam based tablaplayer whose playing is marked by enthousiasm and energy, depth of knowledge and rhythmic poetry! Call for any Indian event, with music and/or dance, from Sitar or Flute to collaborations with classical string...

€ 943,-

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