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Dance group Voorburg  (NL) Dutch Evening: Dance

Dutch Evening: Dance

Dance group, showdans

Book now via ShowBird a delicious Old Dutch dance show. Our ladies and gentlemen come in official costume with clogs to brighten up your event. You can even choose to extend this show with an organ. In addition to a dance show, the...

€ 1.600,-

Dancer Rotterdam  (NL) Burlesque Act

Burlesque Act

Dancer, showdans

The elegant Madame Romanova gives a beautiful burlesque performance full of elegant movements.

€ 300,-

Dance group Turnhout  (BE) Mexican dance show

Mexican dance show

Dance group, showdans

These dancers will bring Mexico to your party! They perform the different Mexican dances and amaze the audience. Book them now via Showbird!

€ 525,-

Dance group Rotterdam  (NL) La Negra Samba Dancers

La Negra Samba Dancers

Dance group, showdans

Let our samba dancers take you to Brazil! A show with samba dancers is performed by real top entertainers in colourful feather costumes and the performance can be performed by female and/or male dancers.

€ 400,-

Dancer Beesd  (NL) gogo dancers

gogo dancers

Dancer, showdans

A dazzling act that attracts attention at your event? These dancing showgirls in their silver outfits are sure to steal the show. Of course we have more costumes in our closet, a combination of 2 or 3 rounds is common. Every round we look...

€ 595,-

Dancer Beesd  (NL) Showgirl Carnival dancer - festival

Showgirl Carnival dancer - festival

Dancer, showdans

Want to make Carnival just a little bit more special? These showgirls in beautiful outfits are an eye catcher at your event. From theme party to store entertainment, they provide the real carnival atmosphere at any occasion. A beautiful...

€ 595,-

Dancer Beesd  (NL) Dance -Dancer -Showgirl GOGO

Dance -Dancer -Showgirl GOGO

Dancer, showdans

Dancers with a wow factor at your event? These Showgirl(s) in their beautiful costumes steal the show at any event. A unique act that can be used at many events. With over 300 dance costumes and outfits we like to make a combination of...

€ 595,-

Dancer Beesd  (NL) gogo dancers USA Style - showgirls

gogo dancers USA Style - showgirls

Dancer, showdans

These showgirls come to your event to give it that extra wow factor. With their shimmering red, white & blue costumes they will attract the attention of the crowd With a choice of over 300 costumes we like to perform several rounds in...

€ 495,-

Dance group Lelystad  (NL) Las Vegas Girls and hostesses

Las Vegas Girls and hostesses

Dance group, showdans

The Las Vegas girls are available for any theme party. Whether for shows, handing out candy, hosting or loose performance, they are all over the place. Shown price is for 2 dancers

€ 745,-

Dance group Amsterdam  (NL) Ballroom Dance Show

Ballroom Dance Show

Dance group, showdans

The elegant graceful moves performed in the ballroom dances make this one of the most stylish dances. A ballroom show is perfect for a stylish party or event!

€ 453,-

Dance group Purmerend  (NL) Capoeira Show

Capoeira Show

Dance group, showdans

Martial arts come together with dancing. In Brazil, this is an extremely popular dance that is also increasingly coming to Europe. At the show, professionals will amaze you how it is possible to illustrate martial arts in dance. An...

from € 800,- from

Dance group Amsterdam  (NL) Brazilian Show

Brazilian Show

Dance group, showdans

If you want your guests to hit the dance floor, our Brazilian show is perfect for your party. The guests will dance the samba, do the polonaise and get on the dance floor in no time. That is something you can achieve with Brazilian dancers...

€ 660,-

Dance group Voorburg  (NL) Great Gatsby Dance Show

Great Gatsby Dance Show

Dance group, showdans

Imagine yourself in the '20s with this Great Gatsby show. With the most beautiful outfits, best dancers and killer shows we make the party night complete. To book from 2 dancers and the show and outfits we adapt to your wishes. Included:...

€ 999,-

Dance group Voorburg  (NL) Las Vegas Dancers

Las Vegas Dancers

Dance group, showdans

Imagine yourself in America, walking on 'The Las Vegas Strip', spending money in one of the illustrious casinos. With our Las Vegas Dance Show you can make your American party or Casino night complete!

€ 749,-

Dance group Turnhout  (BE) South American Stage Show

South American Stage Show

Dance group, showdans

This South American dance show has several dances in store! They bring the South American moods to your party. Book them now through Showbird!

€ 850,-

Dancer Beesd  (NL) Dancer gogo - Club dance fluorine

Dancer gogo - Club dance fluorine

Dancer, showdans

Dancers from Fluor Dance are coming to take your party to the next level. With their amazing dance routine, they will make sure everyone is amazed by their talents. With our wide range of dance costumes, we like to make fun combos and...

€ 675,-


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