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Dancer Zutphen  (NL) Bollywood Dancer

Bollywood Dancer

Dancer, other

Give your event an oriental warm frame and book a Bollywood Dancer! This energetic Indian dance and the cheerful music, guarantee a party!

€ 236,-

Dancer Rotterdam  (NL) Burlesque champagne glass act

Burlesque champagne glass act

Dancer, other

An iconic prop in the world of Burlesque: The Life-size Champagne Glass! This prop adds decadence and glamour to your event.

€ 450,-

Dancer Oosterhout  (Noord Brabant)(NL) Theme Rollergirls

Theme Rollergirls

Dancer, other

Zoeff! What was that? Spinning Skates with the themed Rollergirls! On roller skates between the audience they conjure up a smile on the face of your guests.

€ 750,-

Dancer Rotterdam  (NL) Japanese Namahage dance

Japanese Namahage dance

Dancer, other

The Namehaga dance is a ritual performed from the New Year by the Japanese mythological creature, the Namahage, a kind of demon. The Namahaga goes in search of naughty and lazy children during the New Year to frighten them to improve their...

€ 500,-

Dancer Gent  (BE) Cheerleaders


Dancer, other

Give your event a boost and book these cheerleaders via ShowBird! Make your party complete with these experienced cheerleaders!

€ 373,-

Dancer Rotterdam  (NL) Pop Out Cake

Pop Out Cake

Dancer, other

A spectacular and playful surprise that is indispensable in classic Hollywood.

€ 450,-

Dancer Rotterdam  (NL) Snake shows

Snake shows

Dancer, other

Various Burlesque acts with live snakes.

€ 350,-

Dance group Maastricht  (NL) Cheerleading act by UM

Cheerleading act by UM

Dance group, other

An incredible show by the Dutch National champions. Great spirit, stunts and smiles ready to be a part of your business or sports event. LETS GO!

€ 150,-

Dancer Rotterdam  (NL) Japanese samurai dance

Japanese samurai dance

Dancer, other

The Japanese samurai dance originated more than 400 years ago. This dance was performed after the victory of wars by the lord of Hanekawa from Japan.

€ 450,-

Dancer Capelle aan den IJssel  (NL) VIP bus Striptease

VIP bus Striptease

Dancer, other

With 16 people in our VIP bus + striptease sounds too good to be true but it really is! An experience you will never forget thanks to the super high tech bus and amazing strippers! Book us now on ShowBird!

€ 1.200,-

Dance group Rotterdam  (NL) Amenti Collective Dance Group Performance

Amenti Collective Dance Group Performance

Dance group, other

Amenti Collective is a dance collective that makes conscious art with a catchy and interesting story. All dancers have a lot of experience both nationally and internationally and are very well attuned to each other. Together they did a...

€ 1.850,-

Dance group Rotterdam  (NL) Duet Amenti Collective

Duet Amenti Collective

Dance group, other

The dance duets of Amenti Collective guarantee a performance of very professional quality, a catchy story and breathtaking movements!

€ 800,-

Dance group Rotterdam  (NL) Indonesian dance

Indonesian dance

Dance group, other

The Indonesian dancers can perform various traditional dance forms from West Java, Bali, Sumatra and Kalimantan. A West Java dance called Nandak Ganjen is characterized by cheerful music, showing dance about the everyday life of...

€ 650,-

Dancer Rotterdam  (NL) Champagne shower

Champagne shower

Dancer, other

Decadence at its best: a champagne shower in a Victorian bathtub.

€ 450,-

Dancer Zutphen  (NL) Burlesque Dancer

Burlesque Dancer

Dancer, other
Online performance

Give your event an extra sexy load with a Burlesque Dancer! A spicy lady with a super show, all guests will be watching their eyes out. She will wrap everyone around her finger with her sexy dance moves!

€ 188,-

Dancer Rotterdam  (NL) Solo performance Gil the Grid

Solo performance Gil the Grid

Dancer, other

Gil the Grid, known from Holland's Got Talent and world champion experimental dance (Juste Debout) is a dancer with a very unique movement style that can move and inspire any audience with his movement.

€ 500,-

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